Adam and Eve lesson and Craft

This week we worked on the story of Adam and Eve. Fast Eddy wants to read from beginning to end, so we are starting back at the beginning.
Day 1:
We read the story of Adam and Eve- talked about sin
The boys worked on a serpent color sheet

Day 2:
Fast Eddy looked at the pictures in our favorite bible book- See with me Bible This book is only pictures, so it allows the child to tell you the story! Fast Eddy likes to put his own spin on things! He is quite the narrator! My favorite line is “Oh man Eve, I am NAKED!” We worked on the letter A tracing, from Lapbook lessons. This worksheet will go into our Adam and Eve lapbook.

Day 3:
Re-read the story.
We made a story sequence from DLTK
Build a paper chain serpent!

Day 4:
Copy work Psalms 119:10
Cross word puzzle from DLTK
Painted a finger print tree of good and evil.

Adam and Eve lapbook



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  1. Nice job! :)

  2. I love how you let him do the lapbook completely by himself. That’s so great to find.

  3. What a great study on Adam and Eve. That is Selena’s favorite story. Love the lapbook that he made by himself.

  4. what a great lesson! Gidget my 3 year old loves when we do bible stories

  5. I love your lapbook. Still trying to figure out what I want to do for Bible with my two (they are 7.5 & 4.5). All I know is I want to do it together to make it easier on me. ;o)

  6. Loved his lapbook. The “Oh man Eve, I am NAKED!”
    comment is funny. :)

  7. I love the snake chain!

    I am going to check out that Bible, I think my kids would really like it and would be a good conversation starter!! Love the naked comment, only out of the mouths of babes!! Too cute!


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