Things a Christian should never say

This is a post that I have been going over and over in my head for a few months.  Not only because of what has been done to me, but what I have done to others.

There is an ongoing issue that I deal with in my personal life that really bothers me.  I can’t seem to get it off my mind.  And, I’m a blogger so that means I deal with everything passive aggressively by blogging.  So, here I am blogging about it.

It all boils down to this: time.

How is it that us Christians never have the time?  We are to emulate a Man that only had 33 years~ and look what He did.  I am only a few years away from 33 and what have I done?

I am really starting to see a problem here.  A BIG problem, in my opinion. 

People are in need now as never before.  I can’t seem to wrap my head around the hurt and pain in families~ even Christian families.  Especially in Christian families.  Yet, we continue to serve; we serve our children and our husbands and our CHURCH {and in my case, the blogging beast}~ but do we really serve the Christian?

Have you ever told anyone that you were:

  • too busy to come visit them?
  • too busy to follow through on a commitment?
  • too busy to sit down and think about how they are doing?
  • too busy to take them to a Dr appt?
  • too busy to be their friend?

And, how about this serving the Church thing?  While I realize that all this work needs to be done in the church, is that all you are doing?  Does your ministry consist of Awana, Childrens Church and Sunday School?  What about the new family that really need some friends?

And, it is so more then that.  Once you take the single Mom to dinner {trust me, it’s a been a long time since we’ve had a hot meal} are you still her friend?  Do you call her?  Do you have any conversations of substance?  Do you really know what she is going through?

A lot of this stems from the twins Autism diagnosis and how there is only one person who has acknowledged it.  I am SO alone!  I am so alone…  do you know someone like that?  Is she your Christian friend?

So, instead of going to Prayer Meeting this week, take an elderly neighbor to dinner.  Instead of rushing of to Bible Study, bring the family down the street a hot cooked meal.  Go to that single Moms house and clean her bathroom.

I am NOT telling you to forsake gathering in His name in His house.  I am telling you that if Jesus had weekly prayer meeting on Wed nights, Awana, SS, Church, Sunday evening service, Trustees meeting, Deacons meeting, Ways and Means meeting, etc, He wouldn’t have had much time left for souls.

And, isn’t that why we’re here?

We need to focus on the souls that are already won, too.  I really believe that!  There are SO Many Christians who are just surviving.  They are barely holding onto a God that is clinging to them.  We need to reach them!

I have been feeling a radical shift in my ideas of Christianity taking place.  I have known since I was saved that God has plans for my girls and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I have a bigger part in that then I thought.  I mean, who better to handle radical serving than two girls who aren’t quite aware that reality is different then they perceive it?

So, as I wrestle with Gods plans for my life, trust that I am working on it.  I can not go on living this way!  I can not go on concentrating on how I have been “wronged.”

I have to start serving.

And, I think my serving is to be done outside the church.

What about you?

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    I can only say, thank you for your words. There is so much truth in what you say. Thank you for reminding me about true Christian service.

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    I think everyone has their own way of worshipping, but I have to agree, that if your prayers and worship guide you outside of the church to show love and caring to others, then go for whatever you feel!

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    As a mom to a child with autism, I know what you mean about feeling alone. But think people just don’t know what to say. The first few times people asked me about it, I burst into tears. That’s awkward! I have found friendship and peace regarding his diagnosis with my online friends who are going through the same thing. You may feel alone, but if you seek people out, I don’t think you’ll find that you are lacking those who carea and want to support you if they knew how. Whether that is at your church, or online, or somewhere else. Chin up, I know how hard this time can be.

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    Powerful words. I agree that we can get so wrapped up in our church activities that we don’t leave time to serve people in the community, in our neighborhoods, in our circle of friends, etc. I am so thankful to go to a church that purposely does not have programs/meetings every night, specifically so that the members can be out in the community serving. It is so important. Thanks for the reminder. You are in my prayers. You have inspired me to open my home to some people I know who might feel alone, like you do. Thank you.

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    This is so true! We HAVE to serve outside the church, otherwise what’s the point in all the things we learn IN the church?

    Also, I’m so sorry that you feel alone. I think we have all felt that way at some time or another. I hope it is short lived in your life.

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    This type of thing has been weighing on my mind a lot lately as I get more and more into blogging. Not only am I taking time for myself for something I enjoy I am meeting so many wonderful people. However, this is taking me away from my family some and away from my church. I haven’t found my gift to my church although I’m volunteering in AWANA in my son’s class, but I want to do more!!

    It’s honest and raw posts like this one that make me wish that I could reach through the computer and give you a hug!! It also makes me wonder…if we all met in person, how many of us would be able to carry on a conversation? On the other hand, how many of us would never have met (and subsequently touched each other’s lives) if we weren’t blogging.

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