The Great Wolf Lodge takes the stress out of vacation!

If your anything like me- your much needed vacation comes packed full of stress! As moms we carry the “stress” for the family and typically do all the planning. Which means we worry about what to pack, what to wear, where to go, how to get there, what to do when we are there, what to eat, what the weather is going to be like, and so on. I am done with all that- it is time that this mama gets her well deserved vacation. All Mama’s deserve a week at the Great Wolf Lodge!
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
We hit the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC for a weekend full of fun(not stress)! This awesome lodge has everything needed for an unforgettable vacation for parents and kids! No need to go anywhere else! Great Wolf Lodge has Magiquest, arcades, bowling, mini golf, and oh yeah an indoor water park
The indoor water park has a toddler splash zone, a splash fort with slides for older kids, 3 family slide rides, racer slides, tube slides, and make you scream slides!! Great Wolf Lodge takes the stress out by providing towels and life jackets! We stayed for 3 days and my kids cried over having to leave! Check them out at the indoor water park in my “Hitting the indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge” post(Friday PM)! 
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
When not splashing around in the water park, they explored the lodge which is full of adventure! From the moment you walk in the lodge, there is something to do!
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
 My kids found a coloring station at the door, a penny smooshing machine, and of course the HUGE interactive clock display in the main lobby! There you can join park rangers for a morning stroll to learn about wolves or join them for a pj storytime! 
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
 I purchased play passes for all the kids which included just about everything the lodge has to offer! I can’t find the information on their website but be sure to ask about it at the front desk! Our passes were $59.99 for each child but the savings was well worth it! Since each activity(excluding the waterpark) had a fee this way the kids could try everything out and mama could save money! No more stressing about what to do, how much, whats left etc. The passes have a list on them that they mark through as the kids go along! 100% worth the price
Their Paw Passes allowed them to hit the Ten Paw Alley- for some mini bowling! 
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
The outdoor Howl in One mini golf was a hit with everybody! 
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
Made for an Instagram moment………….refusing to uncover the hole!
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
Their passes included sparkle tattoos……………..*Instagram love*. My 2 yr old wanted nail tattoos available at the Scoops kids salon, but tattoos won.
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review, instagram
Great Wolf Lodge even has their own “Build a Wolf” store! The kids got to pick out their own wolf and have it stuffed! The store features clothes, shoes, and accessories for your wolf! 
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
great wolf lodge, indoor water park, travel review
Clearly the kids favorite part of Great Wolf Lodge was Magiquest- hence why I have no pictures! They ran around the hotel night and day casting spells at the walls and trees! Mom and Dad got to sit back and relax while they ran around us! The entire hotel takes part is the quest to find fairies and defeat dragons! 
And if you find time to visit your room- you will not have to stress since every room has a lounging area, microwave, fridge, and comfy beds!  The softest pillows ever after a long day of fun.
I enjoyed every minute and have been back since. It doesn’t matter if it rains my entire vacation- I know the kids will have fun! All I am required to do is throw a few pieces of clothes in a bag- the rest the Great Wolf Lodge has covered.
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  2. We went to the Wyndham indoor water park in Pigeon Forge Tn and loved it! Same sort of atmosphere! We want to do this one too!

  3. We have one in Seattle/Tacoma and I’ve always wanted to go there!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

    From PDX with Love

  4. I’ve heard Great Wolf is awesome for families. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. That looks like Heaven for kids! So fun!

  6. I so badly want to go on vacation here! It is near where my brother and his family is currently stationed. You totally sold me at the toddler splash area, that is my son’s favorite thing to do in water! Great pictures!

    • Sabrina says:

      Have your brother call the lodge directly and ask for the military discount !!! He can also book at the mwr and it’s much cheaper !!!! We go every year actually two to three times a year ! We have been 15 times it’s great !

  7. We LOVE Great Wolf Lodge and thats the one we’ve gone to as well!

  8. Wow, what a fun place! The indoor water park looks awesome!

  9. How fun! I want to build a wolf for me :) they have a location not far from me, we need to getaway this winter I think.

  10. How cool! We went to our local Great Wolf a week ago. I am working on a post for it now. Thanks for sharing about your Great Wolf experience. Your Lodge has a few different attractions than ours did. It was such a great time. We can’t wait to go back.

  11. Looks like a fun place to go to!

  12. Oh we have one of these in Grapevine, TX – took our grand daughter there, but have yet stayed the night. It’s so much fun!!

    YOu all look like you were really enjoying it!

  13. Looks like such a fun place to stay at! I will definitely be checking them out for the next vacation. Thank you!

  14. janina cornelius says:

    LOVE great wold lodge!

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