A birthday party worth jumping for at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline park!


My kids are always asking to push the limits on birthday parties! Last year we celebrated our oldest son’s 9th party with a HUGE  Minecraft Birthday Party ! It was a success, which could only mean one thing with a large family……….another party in a few months! My middle son wanted something great and grand and fun and new~ so you could imagine his excitement when I told him Mommy was partnering with US Family Guide and Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale to have the best jumping party ever!! He literally JUMPED for joy! 

Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale features floor to wall indoor trampolines……EVERYWHERE you look!! Sky Zone believes jumping is fun, healthy, thrilling, bursting with energy, and brings a sense of FREEDOM! We couldn’t agree more! It is quite the thrilling experience jumping without a care in the world! Sky Zone is the first indoor trampoline park which is perfect for us Floridians during the summer when it is too hot to be outside! The Fort Lauderdale, FL location features a trampoline dodgeball court, foam pit with 10,000 foam bricks, Skycourt for slam dunks(SUPER COOL), and of course an open jump court where you can jump off the walls!! 

Of course- the kids jumped sooo fast and sooo much that I could barely get a shot! Their party included one hour of  jump time!

indoor trampoline park

I knew that a party at Sky Zone with tons of little ones was going to be a HUGE hit!! They jumped and jumped and jumped~ of course all in their special slip resistant Sky Zone socks( Sold separately).

sky zone trampoline park

The open jump court was HUGE, well monitored, and perfectly safe! Sky Zone provided enough staff to keep all these little jumpers safe and well directed! The children’s favorite feature was hands down the foam pit- featuring those 10,000 cubes!! 

indoor trampoline park The children not- so patiently waited in line for an opportunity to jump into the pit- getting out was HARD! 

sky zone indoor trampoline

Here is my favorite shot of the day…..my oldest son making his first slam dunk! Sooo maybe he had a little help……

sky zone indoor trampoline park

Sky Zone offers complete birthday packages making the entire experience fun for the kids and even better for Mom!! The party package includes pizza, drinks, all paper products, and a dedicated hot in a dedicated party room! I was able to bring in some decorations, cake, and some veggie trays! 

birthday party, trampoline park

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself! Our host was amazing and catered to the kids needs- I was able to sit back and enjoy my son’s birthday! The kids enjoyed 40 minutes in the party room which was plenty of time to enjoy some pizza, drinks, and cupcakes! He even received a present from Sky Zone….his very own Sky Zone T-shirt!

birthday party, indoor trampoline park

sky zone trampoline park birthday party

When the party was over, we left. I had no cleaning up to do or setting up on arrival either.  Literally my job for the day was just to watch the kids play and enjoy my son’s 7th birthday!! Sky Zone staff made every moment special for his special day! Thank you Sky Zone……all these little faces appreciated it! 

sky zone birthday parties If your local to the Fort Lauderdale area or just passing through, make Sky Zone indoor trampoline a “MUST VISIT”!!! Sky Zone also has locations all around the U.S and even in Mexico, Canada, and Australia, so be sure to check out their location listings for a site near you! For more information on Sky Zone Fort Lauderdale’s birthday packages, you can visit their party page online and/or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter


1834 Southwest 2nd Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Disclaimer:I received a birthday party package through US Family Guide in exchange for this post. We have provided our honest opinion. See our PR policies for more information. 

#FrozenFever is going to get worse with this all new short!!

If you have little girls, than I am sure they have the #Frozenfever!! Do they go around singing “Let it Go” all day long, and is their best friend Olaf? My girls are the biggest Frozen fans and of course all things Princess! I, myself love it just as much. Who could say no to such cute little sisters!! 

#frozenfever, Disney, Frozen

Disney has found a way to give us more Frozen!! In the new upcoming Disney movie, Cinderella you can catch an all new short #FrozenFever!!! Because I don’t want to give away too much…..I will tell you it’s someone’s birthday party!! Happy Birthday Anna!!

frozen, disney, movie And someone is eating her cake!! Silly Olaf!

Olaf, Frozen, Disney

Live action Cinderella will be hitting theaters March 13th, featuring Lily James and Academy award winning actress Cate Blanchett. You can get more sneak peeks and behind the scene looks at the new Cinderella on Facebook and Twitter!

Here is a little snip of the new short Frozen Fever! 

The British are coming! The British are coming……..to your town this summer for soccer camp!!

Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for this post. 

soccer camp, summer camp

Now is the time to start finding the best summer camp for your little ones! Summer camps are the perfect way to build on your child’s interest ~ they have camps for everything from arts, music, and sports. My 10 year old is at the age where he is trying to push himself to be the best at what he does~ including his love for soccer! He is out in the afternoon practicing, and competes locally to increase his skills. I am just overwhelmed with excitement that his interests include an active sport! 

British Soccer camp is the most popular soccer camp in North America with 150,000 campers! This camp geared for ages 3-18, teaches skills, speed and confidence in high level soccer coaches by international expert’s! 

summer camp, soccer camp,

In addition to being pushed to the max to improve soccer skills, children will have the opportunity to have character development and cultural education. All while having fun with children their age doing something they already love to do! 

 Sign up early to receive a FREE British soccer jersey and use the code FMG15 to receive a water bottle as well! You can find a British Soccer camp near you HERE. There are half day and full day programs depending on age and experience! 


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Welcome Spring with adorable dresses from Biscotti and Kate Mack

childrens fashion

Biscotti and Kate Mack have just released their 2015 Children’s fashion Spring Collection and it is nothing short of……….well just adorable! It is full of whimsical vibrantly colored clothes that are perfect to let little girls show off their style! Biscotti and Kate Mack are a favorite among high fashion celebrities like Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes. 

Their newest addition to the Spring line up includes their Up, Up, and Away collection! The happy, multi-colored bubbly print is featured in bathing suits, 2 piece outfits, and great party dresses! My daughter squealed with delight when she saw her new twirly whirly polka dot dress! The Up, Up, and Away scuba dress is a stand out dress for a stand out little girl! 

childrens fashion, kids clothes, apparel, boutique childrens clothes

This adorable little dress is made with a polyester/spandex blend making it stretchy and “shiny” (From the mouth of a 5 yr old)~ NON IRONING! I love that this fabric holds it shape! The Up, Up, and Away print is like a rainbow of balloons featuring all the colors little girls love like pink, red, blues, and purples making it easy to accessorize with! My daughter paired it with a purple cardigan, hot pink bow, and light pink earrings! *That was her favorite part*

kids apparel

 The bottom features a pleated twirlable skirt that she quickly put to the test! Because isn’t that what little girls should be doing!! 

kate mack and biscotti, boutique kids

There is nothing I enjoy more that watching my children shine! My daughter twirled, giggled, and fluttered around all day- she absolutely loved her Kate Mack dress! Be sure to check out the entire Spring collection to find that piece that makes your girly glow! 

BUY IT: Biscotti and Kate Mack offer FREE SHIPPING!! 

DISCLAIMER: We received product in exchange for this post. We have provided our honest opinion. 

Breakfast time NOW featuring SKYLANDERS!!

skyalnders, video game, general mills

If your a mother of a little boy than you know how much they LOVE Skylanders! And rightfully soooo~ Skylanders features fun characters that are portaled into a fun and exciting game! My children have been fans are of this #1 video game since the first Skylander appeared~  collecting all the characters one by one! Well now, even breakfast time has been invaded with Skylanders

General Mills has partnered with Skylanders for a limited time, bringing kids a new exciting game…………SKYSTONES!! In specially marked boxes of kids favorite cereals, you can find a Skystones board and 4 different card decks! 

skylanders, video game

The game can be played on the back of each box and encourage imaginative and cognitive play! Collect all 4 card decks from favorite cereals such as Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Reeses’s Puffs, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch! 

skylanders video game

Only problem…….they wanted to play instead of eat breakfast! 


HUGE BONUS: Every box contains money sacving coupons for Skylanders game and characters on the side AND a special code to unlock characters on the mobile Skylanders game! 


Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for this post. 

The Wand~ Making visits to the Dentist magically pain free!

 * We received services in exchange for this post. See full disclaimer below. 
dentist, autism

For many people, describing a trip to the dentist would be similar to their worst nightmare. According to the American Dental Association, approximately 40 MILLION Americans avoid the Dentist every year due to fears of pain and numb gums.  Many of us remember the seemingly barbaric approach to fixing a cavity with multiple numbing injections~ we can all clearly see how this would be scary to both children and adult alike. As an adult, we can justify the pain knowing the consequences are far more severe. Children…….well children can not reason (All you Moms know exactly what I mean). Add an Autism diagnosis into the mix, and dental care is just not happening without the use of sedatives. 

When I noticed a small in the molar of my daughter Lilly’s tooth, I completely panicked. Her tooth would survive, but would we? My very emotionally unstable child would never handle A. Having tools placed in her mouth B. The loud vibrations and sounds from said tools C. Being separated from her Mother for unknown situation (The new standard for pediatric dentistry includes having parents wait in the lobby…….CRAZINESS!) D. Enduring pain to numb the tooth. I would not survive listening to her fight, scream, and panic her way through the visit. I could not subject her to sedation just to fix a measly little hole. Not to mention, the aftermath of sedation and a numb mouth (and any sensory altering procedure at that) is sensory overload~ as previously discovered after she had her eyes dilated. I just wasn’t sure we could handle all that for 1 cavity. Perhaps we wouldn’t have too. I was able to make contact with Dr. Charles Hoffman, an amazing Dentist out of Jupiter, Florida that is embracing modern technology making dental care a painless process.

dentist, autism,

This new technology is ……..The Wand. The Wand is a small computer operated device that delivers anthesia to one single tooth at a time. No more unnecessary numbing to surrounding teeth, gums, and lips which means no heaviness in the face or funny speech.  The Wand is as small as a pen, and much less intimidating than the traditional  needle injector. 

dentists The Wand

The Wand works with only 1 injection, and to only 1 tooth. The Wand releases computer regulated amounts of anthesia, providing anthesia in a pain free manner! Be sure to check out this short clip, to catch The Wand in action! The amazing technology is allowing those with Dentist fears, to  now visit dentist and live without fear! After having seen The Wand up close, I don’t see why every Dentist has not switched over. There is no reason to fear if you don’t have too! 

My daughters many fears was all dismantled the day of her dental appointment with Dr. Hoffman. The office was very accommodating, clean, and personal. Dr.Charles Hoffman’s dental office is managed by his wife, and we had wonderful conversations at “bedside” while he repaired Lilly’s tooth. I was able to sit next to Lilly during procedure to reassure her, and Dr.Hoffman was very helpful in addressing her needs.  I love the personal connection that a small office brings you, and it truly helped make the day enjoyable for Lilly. 

I was pleasantly surprised that Lilly handled the visit EXTREMELY well~ with no tantrums or panic attacks. We read books in the lobby about dental appointments and Dr.Hoffman took his time explaining everything to her and allowing her to touch things before he used them. She did amazing which meant that I did amazing! For Autistic children……the Wand makes a trip to the Dentist an entirely new experience! 

Are you avoiding a trip to the Dentist out of fear of a painful injection or numb mouth? Check out a list of Dentists in your area that are offering The Wand! If you are a local, you can visit Dr.Charles Hoffman in Jupiter, Florida! 

Dr.Charles Hoffman

1200 University Blvd. 

Jupiter, FL 33458

(561) 691-9161

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The 5 Love Languages for Men by Gary Chapman #5LL4MEN

I received a copy of The 5 Love Languages for Men to facilitate this review.

The 5 Love Languages for Men

Let’s be realistic here, some men come into marriages having absolutely no idea what they are doing. They come from broken homes, homes where their dad was emotionally absent, or homes where their father was abusive. They walk into their marriage with the best intentions, but they literally have never seen a man act like a real man. They have never seen how to properly love a woman, or even how to show her respect. This is a sad thing to think about, but it is true more than we would like to admit.

Dr. Gary Chapman has written a great tool for men like this. The 3 Love Languages for Men.

At the heart of every man is a desire to master what matters. Getting a compliment at work or on the court is nice, but nothing beats hearing your spouse say, “You make me feel loved.” If you haven’t heard that in a while or feel like you are not bringing your A-game into your relationship, this books is for you. The 5 Love Languages has sold 10 MILLION COPIES because it is simple, practical, and effective. In this edition, Gary Chapman speaks straight to men about the rewards of speaking their wife’s love language. You’ll learn each language, how to identify your wife’s, and how to speak it clearly. Packed with helpful illustrations and creative pointers, these pages will rouse your inner champion and empower you to master the art of love.

But, just because these men have no idea what they’re doing doesn’t mean that they don’t want to do better. In fact, a lot of these men want nothing more than to break the cycle of abuse or absenteeism. But, just planning to be better isn’t much of a plan is it?

I remember reading Dr. Chapman’s 5 Love Languages for Children and it revolutionized the way I looked at, and interacted with my children. These books are powerful. And Dr. Chapman’s theory on Love Languages are spot on.

The 5 Love Language for Men is Dr. Chapman’s newest addition to the Love Languages family and the information in it is invaluable! 5LLFM jumps right in with the first 5 chapters being all about the 5 Love Languages and how to be effective in them. This seemed a little weird to me, as it didn’t give any help on figuring out what your wife’s Love Language actually is. If he goes into this with no idea, he might be a little overwhelmed. The Chapter immediately following, is about finding out what Love Language HE has. And then the book rounds out with some good advice on anger, apologizing and loving.

I think 5LLFM is written with the assumption that he already have an idea of his wife’s Love Language. But if he doesn’t, how does he find out his partners Love Language? For me, I read the 5 chapters on the Love Languages and quickly understand that Acts Of Service is my Love Language! It was easy for me to tell! If that doesn’t work, he can also have her take a quiz at http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/couples/.

Dr. Chapman has, once again, hit it out of the park with this new Love Languages book. I can’t express how much sense he makes here, and how thankful I am that he was able to come up with this concept. It makes sense and it works. So, if you are a wife and there seems to be a little disconnect or you are a husband and want to really love your wife the best way you can,  grab this book! You absolutely won’t be sorry!

BUY IT: You can buy 5LLFM on Amazon!


Kangu.com~ Because Every Mother and Baby Matter #KanguMama #IC #sponsored

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If there is something that every mother and baby deserve, it is a safe and sanitary birth experience. In the US and other developed countries, when we first find out we’re pregnant, it is a joyful time! We immediately look for the perfect doctor, start researching car seats, and buy a baby name book.

We enjoy medical advances like ultrasounds, non-stress tests, blood sugar monitoring, and medical personnel to answer our questions. If something happens, we are a short drive or ambulance ride from a hospital staffed with doctors that can help us and our babies. 

Despite everything that we have, pregnant women around the world consistently give birth in conditions that are neither safe nor sanitary, and die as a result. In fact, nearly 800 women die DAILY from preventable pregnancy and childbirth problems. 99% of those women are from developing countries. {source}

kangu heart alone[1]

But, what can we do? We can’t drive to Mexico to find a woman and bring her back here to give birth. Honestly though, if we did that, less women and babies would die~ so how can we really say no?

Now, there is a way to help. Kangu.org. Kangu was started almost two years ago, in the spring of 2013, by a mother named Casey Santiago. After safely birthing two children, Casey could no longer ignore what she knew to be the truth, women all over the world were dying trying to do just that.

Kangu works by crowd funding; basically, donors support life-saving health services for pregnant women and their babies. When anyone, anywhere, searches the Kangu site, they are shown Mamas that need their help. By donating, you ensure that these women receive proper prenatal, birth, and postnatal care using vetted local practitioners that are proven to reduce death to Mama and baby by 80%! That’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Don’t think that you have to be rich to help, either! Kangu, through it’s doners, has funded over 250 safe births, with the average donation being only $53. You can do amazing things for less than the cost of going to dinner. When you donate, you are shown how your donation is used; there is complete transparency. You are also kept updated on your Mama and given news of the delivery, so you can see for yourself the good you have done. Can you imagine how rewarding it would be to know that you have directly contributed to safely bringing a life in the world? Amazing!

Do you want to win a chance to help? Influence Central is offering 5 {five} grants! You can win $100 to help the Mama of your choice! Contest is opens February 10, 2015 to February 25, 2015. Enter by choosing a social media sharing option. AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

 Kangu – One Mama at a Time

 I hope you’re inspired to help a Mama that needs you. Think about it!





Sweetly Raw Desserts & a Lemon Ginger Blackberry Pie Recipe

I received a copy of Sweetly Raw Desserts and the lemon ginger blackberry pie recipe to facilitate this review.
sweetly raw

Pic via Amazon



Cooking is one thing, but baking is another thing entirely. While I can find my way through a recipe, I can not bake. Ever. And baking as a vegan, forget it. That’s why I couldn’t wait to receive Sweetly Raw Desserts~ Raw Vegan Chocolates, Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, and More by Heather Pace when I was asked to review it. Finally, a cookbook that could help me with my biggest vegan cooking challenge~ desserts!

Sweetly Raw Desserts~ Raw Vegan Chocolates, Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, and More will show you what you need to make delicious, nutritious raw desserts. It covers everything from how to stock a raw dessert kitchen, the necessary ingredients, tools, techniques, how to make nut milks, how to melt chocolate, and more.

I have to say, this cookbook is written for the serious vegan or raw foodist only. If you’re planning on making a dessert to impress the cute vegan in your yoga class, or to see what they hype is about, I would seriously look somewhere else. If you’re going to use this book, you’re going to need to invest in some serious tools and ingredients. To make all the recipes, you will need a high-speed blender, food processor, dehydrator, and ice cream maker, all of which are expensive.

I looked through the Sweetly Raw Desserts with my resident baker, Fallon, 11. She loves baking and spends a lot of time looking for vegan recipes online. We read the comments on the blog posts together to see if people have made it and what they think. As Fallon looked through the book, we talked about the different ingredients, how much they cost, and the processes used to make the desserts. She is so excited to try some as soon as we go shopping. Heather’s recipes are definitely not ones that you can make using what is already in your cabinets.

As a classically trained chef, Heather Pace has gained valuable knowledge, experience, and all the food industry has to offer. She has worked in various restaurants, bakeries, and as a personal chef. Now, as a health-conscious raw vegan, she owns a raw food catering business, teaches raw food classes internationally, and has hosted several raw dessert challenges on her blog. You can find her dessert, eBooks, and recipes on her website, www.sweetlyraw.com. Heather is also a certified Kripalu yoga instructor and a keen world traveler.

To celebrate the release of Sweetly Raw Desserts, we’re bringing you a recipe from the book! I hope you enjoy this Lemon Ginger Blackberry Pie Recipe!

Lemon Ginger Blackberry Pie Recipe

lemon-ginger blackberry pie
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For the crust
  1. 1 cup (145 g) almonds
  2. ½ cup (40 g) shredded coconut
  3. ²⁄³ cup (86 g) packed dried apricots, chopped
  4. ¼ cup (45 g) dates
  5. 1 teaspoon water
For the filling
  1. ¾ cup (175 ml) lemon juice
  2. 1¹⁄³ cups (182 g) cashews
  3. ¹⁄³ cup + 2 tablespoons (145 g) agave or coconut nectar
  4. 1½ tablespoons (9 g) minced ginger (on a microplane)
  5. 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  6. ¹⁄³ cup (80 ml) melted coconut oil
  7. 1 cup (145 g) fresh or (155 g) frozen blackberries
To make the crust
  1. Grind the almonds and coconut into flour in a food processor. Add the apricots and dates and process until they are completely broken down. This may take a little while if the apricots are firm. Add the water and pulse to combine. Press the crust into a 9-inch (23 cm) pie plate. Set aside.
To make the filling
  1. Blend the lemon juice, cashews, nectar, and ginger in a high-speed blender until smooth. Add the zest and coconut oil. Blend again to incorporate. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and fold in the blackberries. If using frozen berries, fold them in quickly so they don’t clump together and start firming up the filling before you have a chance to spread it. Do not overmix if you want a colorful swirl in the filling. Evenly spread the filling into the crust. Chill in the freezer for 6 hours and then in the fridge for at least 8 hours.
Home Grown Families http://www.homegrownfamilies.net/
Looks so good, right? Let me know if you try it!


BUY IT: You can buy Sweetly Raw Desserts on Amazon!


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DDPerks~ Make Sure You’re Signed Up! #IC #DDPerks #sponsored

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Oh, Dunkin Donuts, how we love you! I shared before about how much Emory loves the Double D when I told you about their DD Perks program. It has already been a year since the launch of the DD Perks Reward Program, an app that gives you points towards free beverages with every purchase.


I can’t wait for our points to add up! Our local Dunkin Donuts just happens to be right where half our town parks for the 4th of July Fireworks. It is also just a block from my parents house so every year, we walk from Grammy and PopPop’s house to watch the show. We always make it a point to stop at Dunkin Donuts, get a few donuts, something to drink, and then sit with family and friends for the main attraction. 


I am so excited to be wracking up points to use this summer. I love Dunkin Donuts teas! The peach is my favorite and I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to drink them again. There is nothing better than the sun on your face, a slight breeze blowing through your hair, and an iced tea in your hands. That thought is going to get me through the rest of this below-freezing winter. Speaking of winter, don’t forget about Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate. There is none better out there! Truly the best!

You can still sign up for DD perks! Use code: BLOG  It works by awarding 5 points for every $1 spent. Once you get 200 points, you get a free drink. You can even share your rewards points with family and friends. Such a great feature, huh? You’ll also get coupons for free products on your birthday, and exclusive offers to earn bonus points. It’s a great program, so make sure you’re a part of it!


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dunkin’ Brands. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.