It’s time to PLEY~ Monthly Subscription to LEGOS!!! #giftguide

legos, monthly subscription box

For the last 4 years, my boys have had the same things on their Christmas list.  You would think they would want something new….but no LEGO’s forever reign in the toy kingdom here! My only problem with buying endless large LEGO sets is that they don’t like to build them more than once. Yes, 1 time. All Moms of 10 year olds know what I mean. $85 down, and they built it one time. I have thought of accidentally bumping into the LEGO display hoping they would all fall and crumble just so they would have to play with them again and I could justify the money spent. Sabotage. 

I suppose a better solution is a Pley subscription. YES- MUCH BETTER SOLUTION! Pley is the leading toy rental company offering a monthly subscription box of toys for your little ones ages preschool and up! Kids can choose from their favorite building sets like LEGO, K’NEX, and robotic educational toys! You choose how long you would like a subscription, you choose your pleylist, and then you wait for your box to arrive! 

I was sooooo surprised at the options! Perhaps I was expecting a bag full of LEGO’s, but Pley has FABULOUS sets including very hard to find LEGO sets! It took us a long time to decide on our first subscription box. You have full choosing ability!

pley subscription box, lego toys

Because Star Wars is ALL the rage these days, my boys of course decided on a Star Wars LEGO set! They patiently waited for their box- and the second it arrived they set out to build! 

lego, toy rental, subscription box

The box includes everything needed to build, play, and send back! Your return shipping label is included in the box. There is a great zippered pouch to keep your pieces together but even if one gets lost……….NO CHARGE FOR MISSING LEGOS!!!! *Of course, try really hard not to loose pieces :) pley2

lego sets, star wars lego, kids subscription box

I have found that since the boys know that they can get a new set after they are done building this one, that they are building and playing with it MORE THAN ONCE! No need to sabotage them! They are very proud of their creation! 

pley lego subscription, toy rental company


After building and playing, you just put in the bag and send back so you can get your next box! Here are some of the fine details I know you are wondering about. 

Are they clean?   YES! Each set is sanitized  using an eco and kid friendly solution. 

Do you have to send it back? No, not if they absolutely love it! You can easily buy it with one click on your account page! But my kids are even more excited about their next delivery as each box includes a sticker to place on their poster. It’s all about completing the poster :)

Do you really save money? YES! If your anything like me, we buy a new LEGO set every 5-6 weeks. With Pley you r child could get multiple sets a month depending on plan selected and how fast they can build! 

How often can you get a new toy? UNLIMITED!!!!! All but one plan with Pley includes unlimited toy rentals for the month. Just send it back for a new toy! 

Pley rentals start at just $19.99 a month. Think…your kids get great pricey toys to play with and you get less clutter in your home! 

BUY IT: Sign up now for a Christmas gift that will keep on giving! PLEY SUBSCRIPTION

DISCLAIMER: I received a subscription in exchange for this post. All thoughts provided are my own. 

European Toys this holiday season from! #Giftguide

toys, european toys, magic forest, waldorf

Christmas, Christmas time is here…time for cheers and time for TOYS!! I really make it a point every year to buy high quality thoughtful toys that inspire my children to be creative! There are tons of great toys companies out there beyond your big box toy retailers! MagicForest is an importer of fine European toys, brought to the US through With brands like Vilac, Sevi, and Moulin Roty….you are sure to find that one of a kind, special gift for your little one. 

Because we opt for toys that inspire creativity and play, I was soooo excited to share this musical line up with my children! 

magicforest toys, wooden toys, european toys

The Vilac guitar is an adorable wooden guitar made in the perfect size for little hands. Measuring only a little over 20 inches, this guitar allows little ones as young as 3 to jam all on their own! She was so cute moving her fingers around like she knew what she was doing!

European toys, vilac guitar,

It is lightweight, and is available in 8 different colors and patterns. Your little rocker can have a guitar that fits his personality! 

wooden toys, european toys

Next part of our orchestra came from this Rhythm and Sound set from Sevi~ the oldest wooden toy manufacturer! This adorable 6 piece musical set is geared for ages 2+, and allows complete freedom of expression. Do you see the little animals?
wooden musical instruments for kids, kids toys, european toys

Little hands can choose from a duck castanet– that quacks his beak to the beat, a fish themed rainstick that sounds like water, a goldfish shaped xylophone, or they can strum along the guiro cat that sounds like a deep purr. Made with non-toxic paints, this set is also saliva resistant 😉 

My 6 year old daughter took immediately to the guiro, and just belted out her favorite song to the music! 

musical toys, european toys

If you love high quality toys, than I encourage to take a peek at BonjourPetit! Look how adorable these toys are below! Shop differently this year! 

wooden toys, european toys

BUY IT: Wooden Guitars from Vilac $33, and Rhythm & Sound set from Sevi is $35. 

Disclaimer: We received products in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts provided are my own. Please refer to our PR policies for more information. 

Designing a BIG world………The Good Dinosaur in theaters 11/25/15! #GoodDinoEvent

DISNEY/PIXAR, the good dinosaur

Guys…..we are just 3 days away from the opening of THE GOOD DINOSAUR……in theaters everywhere November 25th!!! As previously mentioned, I was teased with 35 minutes of the movie, and left hanging with what happens to little Arlo and Spot. ITS TORTUROUS!! Over the last few weeks, we have been sharing behind scenes information with you on this upcoming film. Here are our posts in case you want to catch up! 

How the Dinosaur World Came to be- #Gooddinoevent

The Good Dino- Where Nature is a Main Character

How the Dinos got their Swagger- #Gooddinoevent 

Behind the Scenes at the Pixar Animation Studios

Sanjay’s Super Team- The Good Dino short 

This post will be our LAST #Gooddinoevent post :(  Today we are talking with Screenwriter Meg LaFauve and Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann about the visual experience of The Good Dinosaur and how it was designing a big world! 

diseny pixar, the good dinosaur

As a few of us bloggers filled into the work room, you immediately feel the creative vibe that flows through the workspace. With all films, it takes large crew playing off each other’s strengths to make the full picture work. It was sooo much fun meeting with all the pieces of the team from the animators to the director to the visual production team….all pieces of the pie per Kelsey Mann. 

” Your working on a little slice of the pie……we collaborate to bring it all together. “ – Kelsey Mann. 

A The Good Dinosaur story review, including Kelsey Mann, Meg LeFauve, Erik Benson, Edgar Karapetyan and Director Peter Sohn, as seen on August 1, 2014 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. (Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar)

A The Good Dinosaur story review, including Kelsey Mann, Meg LeFauve, Erik Benson, Edgar Karapetyan and Director Peter Sohn, as seen on August 1, 2014 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. (Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar)

The room we were in had many story boards and different stages of art work. Meg talked about how the team will come in and pin up images on the board to inspire each other. Pictures of Jackson Valley in the Grand Tetons graced the wall and inspired the team to push the boundaries on the visual aspect. 
the good dinosaur, pixar

Around the room are these Cintiq drawing boards so everyone can be on the same page and can collaborate together on certain scenes.  I loved listening to Kelsey talk about the gopher scene as it is one of my favorites!! 

THE GOOD DINOSAUR - Screenwriter Meg LaFauve and Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann present at the Long Lead Press Days at Pixar Studios. Photo by: Marc Flores. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

THE GOOD DINOSAUR – Screenwriter Meg LaFauve and Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann 

Meg LaFauve, the Screenwriter has the biggest role in my opinion. She has to write out the script, make sure animators are true to scene, and make the full picture come together. According to Meg you have to “Feel it….Own it…..then let it go because it’s not my own. “. And with all Disney Pixar movies, the team agrees ………..

“No matter what you give them….they KNOCK it out of the park! ” 

Oh and the incidental favorite among everyone is The Pet Collector. 

disney pixar the good dinosaur

I hope you have enjoyed all of our #GoodDinoEvent coverage, and please let me what you thought of them film when you go see it opening day! 

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The @Essentia La-La Natural Memory Foam Crib Mattress #Vegan

I rec’d an Essentia La-La Crib mattress to facilitate this review.

essentia crib mattress

One of the most important things when preparing for a new baby is- where will baby sleep? I mean, even if you plan on having baby sleep in a bassinet in the beginning, eventually they’re probably going to transition to a crib- even if that crib is at the foot of your bed. 

When we lay our baby down each night, we know we have done our best to make sure they are safe and sound. There are no blankets, pillows, or crib bumpers, the cribs no longer have drop sides, we only put baby on her back to sleep, we have checked the temperature to make sure it’s not too hot or cold, and we use a monitor even if we’re on the same floor. We check on baby several times throughout the night to make sure all is OK and we sleep with one eye open and both ears trained in the direction of baby. 

But what about the actual mattress on which baby is sleeping? How much research did we put into that? Is it plastic and full of chemicals? Is it natural? Is it safe enough for her to breathe in every night for the next 4+ years? Well, now there is a mattress that we can believe in, from a company that we can trust. The Essentia La-La Crib Mattress.

essentia crib mattress

Essentia is 1 of only 2 latex foaming companies in North America and instead of importing their latex, they make it! Essentia’s latex is made from Hevea “milk”- the sap of the Rubber tree- harvested in Indonesia from farms with no child labor and acceptable working conditions for it’s harvesters. It is mixed with natural plant extracts like hydrolized corn, instead of harsh chemicals, to create the perfect memory foam consistency. Essentia also uses Organic Essential Oils in their production instead of petroleum or man made oils. The finished mattress is wrapped in 100% Certified Unbleached Organic Cotton. It all comes together to make one incredibly responsible mattress. 

Essentia La-La Mattresses are superior to other “organic” mattresses in 5 different ways:

  1. Natural Foam is very low VOC {see below}
  2. Organic Cotton AND Organic Dyes
  3. No dust mites- dust mites are attracted to natural fibers and batting. The La-La has only a thin layer of prganic cotton and no batting
  4. No glues or adhesives- glues & adhesives are chemicals
  5. vegan- contains no animal products 

A study titled Infant Exposure to Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Crib Mattresses done in 2014 showed:

ABSTRACT: Infants spend most of their time sleeping and are likely to be exposed to elevated concentrations of chemicals released from their crib mattresses. Small-scale chamber experiments were conducted to determine the area-specific emission rates (SERs) of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a collection of twenty new and used crib mattresses. All mattress samples were found to emit VOCs and the mean values of total VOC (TVOC) SERs were 56 μg/m2 h at 23 °C and 139 μg/m2 h at 36 °C. TVOC SERs were greater for new mattresses compared to used ones and were influenced by the type of foam material and the presence of mattress cover layer. A variety of VOCs were identified, with polyurethane foam releasing a greater diversity of VOCs compared to polyester foam. Largescale chamber experiments were conducted with an infant thermal manikin. TVOC concentrations sampled in the breathing zone and interior pore air of the crib mattress foam were found to be greater than the bulk room air by factors in the range of 1.8 to 2.4 and 7.5 to 21, respectively. The results suggest that crib mattresses are an important source of VOCs and infant exposure to VOCs are possibly elevated in their sleep microenvironments.

Essentia’s La-la Mattress doesn’t have elevated levels of VOC’s:

In 2013 we had our mattresses independently tested by Exova Labs for VOC emissions.

Both tests are appropriate for the some of the highest Indoor Air Quality Product Certifications for OEM Materials and Bedding.

According to LEED Green Associate, Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene certified engineer at EXP “The VOC and formaldehyde levels can be characterized as background levels.” which is ambient air. IE, air found in the average home.


Check out all of the testing and certifications that have been done on Essentia products. 

Besides producing a healthy mattress, one of Essentia’s main goals is to stress the importance of their mattresses on the well-being on your body. Being born can be quite a journey for baby. It can be traumatic, difficult, dramatic, long, and just plain hard. While babies are created to make the journey, they still deserve a great mattress when they get home. Let’s not even talk about a few years down the road when our precious babies are now rambunctious toddlers and pre-schoolers- where statements like “I can flyyyyyy!” are often followed by a big thump on the floor. Falls and tumbles are a part of life for crawling age and beyond so get them a mattress now that will benefit them later. 


There’s nothing worse than a uncomfortable crib mattress. If they don’t sleep, you don’t sleep. This is why we designed the La-La natural crib mattress. A soft, pressure relieving crib mattress that cradles and supports your baby. To avoid sleep interruptions a crib mattress must address the following elements: blood flow, spinal alignment, body temperature. Sleep interruptions also occur when the central nervous system is stimulated via exposure to synthetic foams and chemically treated fabrics. The La-La crib mattress addresses all these elements. The surface layer is an unbleached organic cotton, free of chemical dyes or pesticide residue. The top layer is made from our natural memory foam for comfort and unobstructed blood flow. The support layer below addresses spinal alignment. 

The La-la also passed all tests required for crib mattresses:

essentia crib mattress

Check out Essentia’s La-La mattress on their site, on FB, and on Twitter



HGF was not paid for this post. We were provided with the Sbook mentioned and we have provided our honest opinion. Thank you to the sponsoring company for working with HGF. You can view our complete PR policies. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.



Build and Discover with LeapFrog Scout’s Build and Discover Tool Set #leapfrogmom #leapfrogmomsquad #giftguide

Disclaimer: As a Leapfrog Mom Squad Ambassador, I receive products, promotional items, and educational material in exchange for my honest review. While the products are given to me, any opinions expressed are my own and reflect my actual experience.

Scout's Build & Discover Tool Set

Do you remember the first time you got your little paws on your dad’s tool set as a kid? I know I do! My dad was a builder-fixer-doer of a man. And, I’d like to think, I followed in his foot steps. I was one of those kids who liked to take stuff apart. Bikes, toasters, cassette players,  I even took apart a ceiling fan once. Most of the things I took apart were already broken and never made it back together. But, I had fun and learned a lot along the way. (Special note: I actually fixed my parents ceiling fan that day. It’s still spinning in their living room over 20 years later.) Now that I am a father I enjoy passing skills down to my kids. I’m just a little more protective of my tools then my dad was. So, I guess they need their own…

LeapFrog Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set

My 10 year old already works in the garage with me. But, what about the little ones? Sure, there are quite a few building toys and toy tool sets out there. And, we’ve owned almost all of them. What can I say? I’m a builder-fixer-doer of a man, of course I like to buy my kids their own tools. When it comes to building toys, this new set from LeapFrog hits the nail on the head. (See what I did there?) Scout’s Build and Discover Tool Set is wonderful. It’s got everything I look for in a good tool set. It’s got a wide variety of tools, every tool has a specific function and, the tools are super durable. My kids could pass these down to their kids one day. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe a Phillips screwdriver but that’s just me being picky.

LeapFrog Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set

Scout’s new tool set helps kids learn how to measure, hammer, saw, and more. They even get to build Scout a dog house. All of the tools are used to assemble and disassemble his house. One of my favorite features is that each of the fasteners used is color coded to match the tool needed to manipulate it. Scout even gives you helpful hints and sings songs along the way. Once they complete Scout’s dog house and are done for the day the house doubles as a carry along tool box. How cool is that?

LeapFrog Scout's Build and Discover Tool Set

LeapFrog really knows what they are doing when it comes to making learning fun. This little project is full of problem solving and creative thinking. The best part is, the kids don’t even realize it. To them they are just playing. But, to me, they are exercising their brains. Plus, it doesn’t hurt knowing they may be following in my foot steps one day too.

Buy it Here: LeapFrog Scout’s Build and Discover Tool Set for only $12.99

If you love LeapFrog products as much as we do and would like to see more of what they have to offer this holiday season, be sure to check out our Word Whammer and LeapPad Platinum reviews.


A chain reaction of goodness………#ChainofBetters

  Only a life lived for others is a life worth living. – Einstein.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have only desired to serve others. I dreamed of trips around the world planting crops, rebuilding homes, perhaps join the peace corp. I imagined my life full of children from all over the world, as my heart truly belongs to the orphans. 20 years later, I am married with 4 small children and my dreams to serve the world on a grand scale have not happened…..yet but we are still working on the cause. 

Our family has been working hard over the last year to get foster care approved. We relocated closer to our families and bought a new home that will hold all these precious children. If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen our journey from the beginning to where we are now. We started with taking foster care classes, where we learned EXACTLY why we feel called to do this. We learned about what brings children into foster care and what takes them out.    

We have purchased new cars to hold our growing family, and slowly remodeled some rooms to comfort these broken little lives.  I can’t walk by this room without tears rolling down my cheeks. None of this could have been done without our family and friends lending a helping hand. From donations of baby toys and gear, to financial donations to help fund our passenger van. When money moves…..better things happen even on a small scale like this.


OMG with the exception of needing a few bins for toys……our foster boy room is done!! #fostercare #Godsplan #obedience

A photo posted by Melissa (@homegrownfamilies) on

While we aren’t quite finished with all our paperwork and home studies, we are spreading the message of giving back. I believe I have passed on my desire to help others to my children, and have subsequently created more people to reach others. They have a heart for the world’s problems, and are quick to give to others. We frequently partner with our church to do outreaches, food drives, toy drives, and we purchase products that give back and build the economy in hurting countries.We are supporting other foster parents both with our prayers and our donations, and patiently waiting for our chance to care for others. 

western union chain of betters

Imagine if for every 1 good deed that 3 people would be positively affected…..and then those 3 people did 1 good deed that made a difference in the lives of 3 more people……..just imagine how many lives would be touched. A chain reaction of goodness. 

That’s what Western Union is trying to do with it’s “Chain of Betters” campaign! They are trying to change lives and create brighter futures for people and communities around the world. When money moves….better things happen.

 The “Chain of Betters” project gives money to those with great ideas on how to affect the most people in their community!  As money moves across the country, lives are changed and in turn they join in the chain of better! What would you do with $1000 that would impact others?

If you have a great selfless idea that will impact as many people as possible, then join the Chain of Betters project by November 30th for a chance to have your idea selected! 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers- #Kickstartyourkibble with raw meat for dogs!

This post is sponsored by Stella & Chewy’s but opinions are my own. Stella & Chewy’s is not responsible for the content of this article.

dog food, raw dog foor

As a novice pet owner, I brought home my pups without any knowledge regarding what to feed them. I just went with the bag the rescue league offered me. I kept them on that for the first year, and slowly learned about what they really need….and don’t need. Apparently dogs don’t need grains or fillers or any of that “other” stuff they put in traditional dry dog food. They need fresh fruits and vegetables, and they need to get back to their ancestral diet of raw meat. Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t afford NOR do I have time to chop up raw organic meat, organic fresh fruits, and veggies everyday for my dog. NOT to mention that we are vegetarians so the yuck factor with raw meat will do me in! 

I was sooo excited when Stella & Chewy’s asked me to check out their Meal Mixers! These meal mixers are an EASY, mess free way to add raw nutrition to your dogs diet! This little girl was ready to give it a try!

dog food, grain free dog food,

Stella & Chewy’s brings dogs food in it’s most natural minimally processed state. Veterinarians agree that a diet with raw food supports appetite and digestion, relieves allergies, builds a beautiful coat, healthy teeth and gums, provides stamina and vitality, and builds a strong immune system. Stella & Chewy’s has premium ingredients and can boast:

  • 90-95% meat, nutrient-rich organs and bone
  • Grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught or farm-raised protein
  • 100% organic fruits and vegetables
  • No grains, gluten, fillers, added hormones or antibiotics
  • 100% complete and balanced for all life stages

While Stella & Chewy’s does offer frozen raw meals for those looking to offer their dog a 100% raw diet, but for others like me that are just looking to enhance their current diet with something easy yet nutritious…..they offer Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers. It is freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients, and it takes only 3 seconds to mix up and add to your dry dog food! 

The pack comes with an easy scoop! 


dog food, stella and chewys

You just have to add some water, mix it around, and then add to dog dish! It’s all the good stuff without all the bad stuff.  Available in 4 protein options (Stella’s Super Beef, Chewy’s Chicken, Tantalizing Turkey, and Savory Salmon & Cod) Available in 3 sizes (3.5 oz, 9 oz, 18 oz). 

stella and chewys raw dog food

I was lucky to get a quick picture before the dogs devoured it! They came running through the house, and ate every last drop! Normally, they leave some at the bottom of the bowl but not tonight! 

stella and chewys dog food

After realizing how easy it can be to add some raw nutrition to their diet, I will be doing this more often! You can use the store locator to find a store offering Stella & Chewy’s near you! Go #Kickstartyourkibble! 

This post is sponsored by Stella & Chewy’s but opinions are my own. Stella & Chewy’s is not responsible for the content of this article.

Sanjay’s Super Team and the short that made me cry. #Gooddinoevent

pixar animated short, the good dinosaur

Disney Pixar movies feature more than just an amazing feature length movie….they have the MOST INCREDIBLE shorts!Who doesn’t love their shorts. From La Luna to the Blue Umbrella…..Pixar has impressed us, made us smile and made us cry. The Good Dinosaur hits theaters Thanksgiving and has THE BEST SHORT YET!!! It is different than the others….I swear. 

This is Sanjay Patel.  

the good dinosaur, sanjays super team

And this is his mainly true story. Sanjay Patel has been with Pixar for 20 years but this is the first thing he has directed and he had the opportunity to make his first directed piece about HIS family. How did he get so lucky?

Sanjay grew up in a Hindu family, but said he never was able to connect with his culture. He talked about his father’s rituals much like those in the short, and said at times he was even embarrassed of those rituals and his cultures. He said it took him 35 years to read the stories he watched his father read as a child. The look on his face as he described the stories, tells me he wishes he read them much sooner! His face LIT UP!

Sanjay was exposed  to Asian art while working as an animator and it was the door into finding his identity. He researched the deities and fell in love with their “super powers”. Shortly after, he began drawing them out and was able to publish a line of children’s book. He actually published 3 books before ever visiting India! 

the good dinosaur, sanjays super team

2005- Little India his first self-published children’s book about Ganesha. 

2006- The Little Book of Hindu Deities: Penguin Plume books. 

2010- Ramayana by Chronicle books. This book was more comic in appearance than the others. 

 “I was sooo torn between my day job and my night job”– Sanjay Patel. 

If you had the chance to read our Exclusive tour of the Pixar studio, you may remember that Pixar has a hallway dedicated to the art work of their animators. It was there that Sanjay displayed his heritage, his connection to his family. He didn’t have to be torn between his jobs. He could work at Pixar and share his new love for Hinduism. John Lasseter also loved his artwork, and quickly called him into the studio to talk about working on a piece around his art! 

Only he said no………..3 times.  Obviously he finally gave in, and said “It is my sacred duty to at least try!”. He did more than just try…..he did amazing!! I present to you…SANJAY’S SUPER TEAM!! 
the good dinosaur, pixar short

In Sanjay’s Super Team, accomplished artist Sanjay Patel uses his own experience to tell the story of a young, first-generation Indian-American boy whose love for western pop culture comes into conflict with his father’s traditions. Sanjay is absorbed in the world of cartoons and comics, while his father tries to draw him into the traditions of his Hindu practice. Tedium and reluctance quickly turn into an awe-inspiring adventure as the boy embarks on a journey he never imagined, returning with a new perspective that they can both embrace.



In Sanjay’s Super team, the deities are not bound to physics and are faster than time. They are colorful and breathtaking!


The deities include Hanuman the ape god, Durga the demigod red goddess, and Vishnu the blue one proving preservation and balance are the most important things!  

the good dinosaur, pixar, disney, pixar short

When little Sanjay enters the temple and the deities join, the temple lights up with auroras showing off it’s beauty! The music you hear comes from a special flute, prayer bowls, and the ritual bell- all things true to Hinduism. Pixar even brought in dance specialists to teach the team Kathakali , to make animation feel authentic! The short ends with an anointment, that has an EPIC COSMIC ending bringing peace and understanding!  

  ” The specialness comes from the intimate details that could only come from living it“.  – Sanjay Patel

In our time at Pixar, we were able to watch a clip of Sanjay’s father watching the film, and there was not a dry eye in the theater. He said “My hope is coming true, sooo many joys I can’t explain. “. I can’t imagine the honor he felt to call Sanjay his son. You won’t want to miss this short. 

“Thankful that Pixar took a chance on the kids with the funny name.”– Sanjay Patel

The Good Dinosaur will be in theaters next week! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the trailer- you can watch it below!


Disclaimer: I went to California for Disney Pixar with all accommodations, lodging, travel, and activities provided in exchange  for a series of post. Refer to our PR policies. 

Happy Veteran’s Day- Enjoy your day full of FREEBIES!! Free breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

free, freebie, veterans day

Today is Veteran’s Day. We all thank you for your hard work and sacrifice to make America an amazing place to live and raise our families. From the bottom of our heart, we are sooo very thankful. While you deserve praise and gratitude EVERY day, for today you can grab some great freebies around town as a token of appreciation! 

This is how your day could look: 


  • Free Coffee at Starbucks!
  • Ihop is giving veterans and active duty military FREE red, white, and blue pancakes!! 
  • Denny’s from 5am-noon is giving veterans a FREE Grand Slam breakfast! 


  • Little Caesars is giving away a FREE $5 lunch combo from 11 am- 2pm! 
  • Applebee’s is giving away the best meals HANDS DOWN!  free veterans day, applebees All day long, veterans can come in for a FREE meal! The THANK YOU menu will include: 

    •          7 oz. House Sirloin

    •          American Standard All-In Burger®

    •          Double Crunch Shrimp

    •          Three-Cheese Chicken Penne

    •          Fiesta Lime Chicken®

    •          Chicken Tenders Platter

    •          Oriental Chicken Salad

  • Grab FREE lunch at T.G.I Fridays
  • California Pizza Kitchen FREE meal! 
  • Panera Bread FREE U-Pick-2 meal! 


  • Golden Corral is having a Military appreciation night from 5-9 pm, giving free meals to retired and active military!
  • Olive Garden is giving away a FREE meal to all active and retired military- and 10% off to their family! 
  • Chili’s is offering a FREE meal to all retired and active duty military! 
  • FREE meal from Smokey Bones


  • Meinke is giving away FREE basic oil changes to all veterans! 
  • Go to Great Clips today for a haircut, and they will give you a card for a FREE haircut to give to a veteran! 
  • FREE admission to National parks

This is JUST the tip of the iceberg! has the most comprehensive and knowledgable list I have ever seen! Have a blessed day and know that we are continuously praying for military families everywhere. 

Del Sol Color Changing Apparel for everyone in the family! #Giftguide

sun gear, sun clothes, del sol

In true Floridian fashion, we LIVE in the sun! My children spend their days splashing in the pool or running along the beach. We love the sunshine and rarely find ourselves inside. Del Sol is an awesome company MADE for families like ours that enjoy soaking up the rays! Del Sol offers color changing merchandise– everything from shirts and tote bags to the sunglasses and hair accessories……it all changes colors in the sun! 

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The apparel is made from 100 percent pre-shrunk, heavyweight, double-stitched cotton and is guaranteed to change color for the life of the product. Del Sol has even partnered with Disney and Marvel to bring you your favorite characters that change color in the sun! These kids shirts and hats would make great gifts this year! 

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Gifts for Moms and Dads include color changing tees or sunglasses! Their exclusive eyewear collection, Solize, is made with color-changing frames and polarized lenses that protect your eyes from harmful UVA / UVB rays. They’re also guaranteed for life against theft, loss and damage. OR you can surprise Mom or a teen girl we COLOR CHANGING NAIL POLISH!! 

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Del Sol’s color changing nail polish is made free of toxins, is never tested on animals, and has a lifetime color change guarantee! I picked up some of the new holiday nail polish sets for my daughter’s stocking! Del Sol has soooo many great choices for gifts this year~ what color changing thing you be wearing next week?

BUY IT: Check out Del Sol…shop in time for holidays and use code SUNFUN20 to get 20% off your purchase on

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. I received a gift card in order to facilitate this post. All thoughts provided are my own.