#LeapTV is almost here!

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Leap Frog fans unite! We are so excited to announce that LeapFrog’s new LeapTV is almost here! We just can’t wait. LeapFrog is all about interactive educational fun. And this gaming system is no different. With three ways to play, kids will be able to choose their own style of gaming.  

Check out the latest behind the scenes video starring the LeapFrog CEO “Child Executive Officer” 


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Berry Berry Quinoa Breakfast Recipe #Vegan #Recipe

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We  ♥ quinoa around here! If you didn’t know, it’s pronounced Keen-wah.  It is such a versatile meal starter and a nutritional powerhouse! It is a COMPLETE protein (So no more “Where do you Vegans get your protein?” ). We are talking 8 grams of protein in 1 cup, along with magnesium, fiber, phosphorus, and potassium. It is non-GMO and Gluten free for all those healthy people out there :) 

There are 3 different colors of quinoa out there……black, yellow, and red. We love yellow and black quinoa mixed with veggies, and save our red quinoa for breakfast! It has such an earthy flavor and the perfect substitute for oatmeal * We love oatmeal too- but we change it up with quinoa*. 

Before we get into the recipe…..let me tell you how to cook this stuff! It’s just like RICE!!! 2 cups water for 1 cup quinoa! Bring water and quinoa to a boil, reduce heat to simmer, cover with lid and simmer for 20 minutes. Just like that! 

This breakfast must-make, is easy peasy so onto the recipe!! 

Berry Berry Quinoa Breakfast
Quinoa powerhouse breakfast- with fresh berries and raw nuts!
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Cook Time
25 min
Cook Time
25 min
  1. Red quinoa
  2. Natural sweetener (raisins, Medjool dates, or apple pieces)
  3. Fresh Berries *raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries) Pick some or all.
  4. Raw nuts- we like walnuts best.
  5. Maple Syrup *The real kind*
  1. Cook quinoa as directed above BUT add in your sweetener 2-3 dates, 1/2 raisins or 1/2 cup apple pieces.
  2. When completed, top with fresh fruits, nuts and drizzle with maple syrup.
  3. Eat and enjoy!
Home Grown Families http://www.homegrownfamilies.net/

Leap Frog LOVERS- Get excited for the new #LeapTV!! ***TEASE ALERT***

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If your a Mom………your a Leap Frog fan! How could you not with their amazing selection of educational products for our little ones all at great prices and convenient availability!  Every year they come up with bigger and better products and this year with the holidays approaching is no exception. Leap Frog has recently announced their newest addition of the LeapTV! We are UBER-EXCITED!! 

The LeapTV is gearing to get minds and bodies moving, with an easy to use interactive video gaming system for kids! The LeapTV can be used in multiple ways including motion activated or with classic controller- for multiple ages with age selection! And with the 100+ games available, this system will become a favorite in your home! 

Get the FIRST look below! 

Aren’t you excited that now you have a justifiable excuse to allow them to play video games! It’s almost trickery! BAHAHAHAHA The #LeapTV system will be available for pre-order on September 2nd……..stay tuned for more behind the scenes info!! 

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#FreeyourBaby and Get Outdoors with Seventh Generation Diapers #MC

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Seventh Generation has developed the first diaper FSC certified made in the United States of America~ but what does that mean for us? 

My family loves the outdoors~ everything from camping, hiking, canoeing, beach, tree top climbing, to just going outdoors to explore. That’s why I support brands that support my lifestyle and my desire to protect this precious world so that I can watch my grandchildren play outdoors.

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It is brands like Seventh Generation that are taking a stand against pollution, deforestation, and usage of toxic chemicals in our everyday products. It is companies like Seventh Generation who know that I spent too much energy and hard work creating my bundle of joy, just to see it broken down with toxins. 

The FSC certification means:

* Encourages healthy tree growth, and prohibits the harvest of rare, old forests.

* Prevents loss of natural tree cover in our forests

* Prohibits hazardous chemicals to be used

Seventh Generation is recognized for it’s sustainable practices that perfectly align with how we choose to raise our children. I don’t want my children to be held back by the toxins in our everyday products. Our children should be free to play, free to explore, free to help clean (like that happens often), free to explore, free to climb, and just free to be. 

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#FreeYourBaby ………….. Seventh Generation diapers and wipes are FREE of fragrances,  FREE of latex, FREE of chlorine processing, and FREE of petroleum based lotions. They are hypoallergenic and provide great absorption! We have used Seventh Generation diapers for 5 years, they are trusted not to leak and trusted to protect my baby and Earth. 

Have you used Seventh Generation diapers and wipes? What are you doing to #FreeYourBaby? Shop Seventh Generation for natural baby options.

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf ofMom Central Consulting for Seventh Generation. I received samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Like a monkey in the trees… Aerial Forest Adventure Park on Loon Mountain! #travel


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While I love my vacations where we lay on a beach and sip on sweet tea (ya know cuz we are always #travelingwithkids) with very little desire to move a muscle……………….sometimes I get a little crazy. While on our trip to Loon Mountain in New Hampshire we broke a sweat on the Aerial Forest adventure park at the Loon Mountain Adventure Center! This place has amazing attractions that will take your breath away and push you to new limits! Check out our review ” Bungee trampolines, rock climbing and zip lining” to see some of the great attractions Loon Mountain has to offer!

adventure center, new hampshire, loon mountain

We spent most of the day up in the treetops scaling trees, zipping from tree to shining tree, tight log walking, and of course net walking! This huge elevated obstacle course (They have 5 different courses!) features obstacles of varying difficulty anywhere from 9 ft to 40 ft off the ground. Luckily you are safely harnessed during the ENTIRE course~ so you can jump from tree to tree! The courses rock bridges of all kinds, swinging blocks, chain loops, and even trapeze rings! 

adventure center loon mountain, zip lining, bucket list, new hampshire

My son was really eager to get going after he finished his safety lessons on the belay system. You are responsible for latching and unlatching your self from obstacle to obstacle~ but their system has a permanently- activating security system so you are always latched to a tree! At 8 yrs old, he was easily able to tackle the course without assist! 

loon mountain, new hampshire,

I…….I on the other hand got schooled by an 8 yr old. It really is quite the work out but oh.so.exhilarating! I struggled on some obstacles and did fantastic on others! The swinging chains got me EVERY time! 

loon mountain, new hampshire, aerial treetop adventure

 There are multiple zips in the line- some long and MANY small zips that allow you to get from one obstacle to the next. The longer zips take some mental preparation. Do you see my little guy? I SPY with my little eye…..a very nervous little boy! 

resort, new hampshire, zip lining

He did it…and did it over and over again!

new hampshire, loon mountain,

We spent 2.5 hours climbing around the treetops. This is a MUST DO activity if you are #travelingwithkids , although even as a couple you would find this thrilling and new!

Have you ever done something like this before?

Check you the Aerial Forest Adventure at Loon Mountain~ Please note this is geared from children 7+ and up, and visitors less than 250 lbs. Prices are $39 for children, and $49 for adults……that’s for a 2 hour session. Trust me you will be tired by the end of the 2 hours! 


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 2014 Review #TMNTmovie

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As a child of the 80′s I was excited to hear that Jonathan Liebesman, Michael Bay, Nickelodeon, and Paramount were working together to make a new Ninja Turtles movie. I loved the cartoon as a kid. I had far too many TMNT action figures, which my children play with now. And, of course, watched all the previous movies. The original cartoon was always my favorite, and still is. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love the new movie. Personally, I am a fan of Michael Bay’s remakes of my favorite cartoons. I love all the Transformers movies and could watch them 100 times over. This movie is no different. Michael Bay gets a lot of harsh criticism about his takes on our childhood favorites. If you believe the critics you’ll never enjoy any movie. I mean, that’s what they are there for right? To criticize. Don’t believe the hype. No matter who remakes these classic cartoons, they will never be exactly what they were in the 80′s. Who wants that anyways? Just watch the old episodes if that’s what you are looking for. I knew what to expect going in. Of course Michael Bay is going to change a few things around. And yes, he is going to put too much focus on the leading female. But if you can look past that you have a very enjoyable movie. 

From the very beginning my eyes were glued to the screen. My boys were on the edge of their seats, literally. I think they were more excited then I was. They even cheered out loud during a few scenes. My daughter wasn’t as excited and found the first scene to be a bit frightening. I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children. But, then again, it is rated PG-13. But, if your kids enjoyed the Transformers movies they shouldn’t have a problem with this one. There is quite a bit of fighting but, staying true to the original form, the fighting is very cartoonish and unrealistic. Physics play no role in the realism of the movie. And, why should it? They’re mutant turtles! Who fight crime! With ninjutsu! 

movie review

While the action scenes are great, they are not the only thing this movie has to offer. One of my favorite aspects was getting to see the turtles as children. I was happy to see a brief depiction of what is was like for them growing up in the sewers, watching the world above in secrecy. You get a glimpse of how they became who they are today. Like any brothers, their relationships with one and other have their ups and downs. But in the end they learn to trust each other and work together. Brotherhood is a strong theme here and something my boys picked up on.

tmnt movie review

The comedy is there too. The movie has many silly moments that left the crowd in laughter. The turtles kept their original personalities, for the most part. Michelangelo was constantly cracking jokes being the “class clown” he always was. Leonardo is the strong leader. Donatello is still the technological genius. (though he could have done without the nerdy taped up glasses) And, Raphael is the hardheaded aggressive bad boy we remember. Raph could have been a bit more lovable but he does show his softer side toward the end of the film.


Overall, my family thoroughly enjoyed this new take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We recommend it to anyone open minded who likes the TMNT franchise, Michael Bay’s film style, or comedic unrealistic action films in general. We look forward to future sequels and will probably go see it again while it’s still in theaters. 

Disclaimer: We received movie passes in order to facilitate this review. We have provided our honest opinion. 

GB Ellum stroller- The Whole Shebang in a light weight stroller #MC #GBThatsMe

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While we use our double stroller most of the time, I find myself needing a single stroller all the time! I wanted a high quality single stroller that had all the bells and whistles I was accustomed to…but light weight! I mean, I was going to need to chase 3 kids and push the baby in the stroller. A plain ole’ umbrella stroller just wasn’t going to cut it in the comfort and amenities way, but a heavy duty single stroller wasn’t going to give me the light weight maneuverability I required. Hmmmm a hard spot to be in. 

And then the GB Ellum came into my life. 

The GB Ellum stroller literally gave me everything I desired in a single stroller.  The GB Ellum is a light weight stroller and super compact, approx 19 lbs. At this time, this stroller is available in 2 colors: Fuzion (red) and Raspberry. We received the GB Ellum in Raspberry and just love the color! The hood design adds the perfect design touch! 

stroller, babies r us


The stroller features a large basket underneath the stroller- large enough for a large diaper bag. It is not large enough for shopping, and there is no place to hang bags~ my one complaint. The basket has access from the front only and it left me a  little unsure but apparently they are geniuses!!! I am always needing to get in the storage compartment AFTER the baby has gone to sleep in the stroller which means lifting the seat up to get underneath to the basket. NOT ANYMORE!! I have easy access every time without disturbing little missy. 

review, stroller, baby gear

Speaking of little Missy, she is riding out in comfort! Our raspberry stroller features satin like material for the reclining seating (wipes up clean!) with padded back support in the seat! 

stroller, baby gear, umbrella stroller, lightweight stroller

She sits very comfortable in her seat, and loves the adjustable footrest! This is the one stroller she hasn’t climbed out of yet- is it because of the footrest or because of the snug harness? She is not able to buckle or unbuckle this harness system (and neither can my 5 yr old- so not aiding the escapee)!

babies r us, lightweight stroller

Summer’s here in Florida can be brutal! The GB Ellum stroller features an air flow canopy with mesh areas to allow air flow to your little one. There is also a very large hood that gets even a little more larger with the mesh extender to extend hood a few inches forward.

stroller, baby gear, review,

The hood covers everything but her outstretched legs. 

babies r us review, stroller, lightweight stroller

 While the stroller may be comfortable for baby, this Mama still has to push it. Luckily for her, I ♥ pushing the GB Ellum! It is a dream to push- easily maneuvering through tight spaces and even able to do full donuts without catching! I can jump curbs and go forward off curbs without the wheels buckling. When one of the other kids make a quick left, I can easily follow along! 




The GB Ellum folds up in literally 2 seconds. GB Ellum strollers do a  Kick n’ Fold thing to fold this bad boy thing. The clever handle in the seat and the kick bar in the back allow Mom to break it down in seconds! Watch for yourself! 



AND (as if you needed more) it self stands when folded up. Yup, genius! 

  babies r us, stroller, lightweight, baby gear

The GB Ellum stroller has made it super easy for me to downsize my big clunky stroller…..because I am not missing any features that I love! This stroller is an Babies R Us EXCLUSIVE stroller- so look for it in stores or online at Babiesrus.com :)

BUY IT: GB Ellum strollers are $219.00, but on sale for $189.99 right now!

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for GB. I received a gift card to purchase a GB stroller to both facilitate my review as well as thank me for my participation.” 

Wordless Wednesday- Monster Tyler *Linky*

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On our recent trip to Cocoa Beach, the resort had a photo scavenger hunt. This was one of their photos “Make yourself appear large”. LOL I love his face!! 



Jennifer Garner can TOTALLY relate in her new film #Disney #VeryBadDay

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Look at this beautiful………..put together, got it all going on, happy family. This is how I start my days. The kids are well dressed, fed, alive, smiling(well except for that one child) and as parents we seem like we actually have control of this parenting thing. 

And then………reality hits. Haven’t you had more days like this below rather than the one above. 

disney, movies,

YEAH YEAH I am sooooo glad other Moms have days like that too :) I am really looking forward to the new Disney Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY! Because all Moms have had a #VeryBadDay before! 

Premieres October 10, 2014


Breakfast at The Mountain Club on Loon Mountain Resort #travel

We received lodging at the mountain club on loon  to facilitate this review.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We can say hands down…….that breakfast at The Mountain Club’s Seasons Restaurant was our favorite meal of the day! 

On our trip to The Mountain Club on Loon Mountain in beautiful New Hampshire, we had an amazing breakfast in one of their on site restaurants. Starting off with a plate full of piping hot pancakes seems like the perfect way to start the day. 

mountain club on loon

But their made to order omelets were even better. They staff was very nice and accommodating, modifying their dishes for us vegetarians :) I can honestly say that the potatoes ROCKED….by far the best I have had :)

loon mountain, #homegrowntravel

The boys called it their “fancy breakfast”, and opted to sit alone and their own table like gentleman. They had the best view. If only I had been invited to the popular table . I giggled watching Tye use his pinky for tea time. 

loon mountain, family travel

Lil opted for the healthiest breakfast with a bowl of vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and a crunchy granola topping. 

family travel, new hampshire resort, loon mountain

The suites at The Mountain Club on Loon do have a full kitchen that you will LOVE (Did you see our Mountain Club Family suite review?), but take a morning off on your visit and stop in the Seasons Restaurant. You can easily make reservations online(for the busier seasons)~but we had no trouble just walking in :)

Stay Tuned for New Hampshire travel you won’t want to miss! 

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