Plan a great KID FRIENDLY Summer party with Charmin! #TweetFromTheSeat #sponsored #IC

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summer entertaining, charmin toilet paper

It’s Summertime which means fun in the sun, water sports, family outings, and BBQ’s with our friends and family.  We just purchased a new home last year and have really been looking forward to welcoming our loved ones into our home this Summer. We have been remodeling every room in the home and soooo happy to finally be in a place to invite people over to celebrate. Our first official “house warming” party will be a July 4th celebration! 

Charmin summer entertaining

This was us a few years back at our July 4th celebration in our old house…….7 kids then. Our Summer celebration guests list includes 8 adults, and ummmmmm 19 kids. Our families continue to grow and that makes parties super fun, but slightly different when it comes to planning! Of course, we plan for kid friendly foods & drinks and great kid friendly activities outdoors (for the sake of keeping my house clean!) but there is something else we don’t want to forget about!

summer party, toilet paper

Charmin toilet paper is an absolute staple in our home~ with 4 children the bathroom is VERY frequently used and with newly trained children toilet paper runs out like the hottest Christmas toy on the shelf. I can’t imagine how much toilet paper we would go through with 19 kids in the home! Charmin toilet paper is soft enough for little tushies but strong enough to make it a one wiper and make each roll last longer! Before my party date, I will be loading up the bathroom with ample rolls of Charmin toilet paper~ we wouldn’t want any guest to be in a “sticky” situation without toilet paper! 

charmin roto rooter,

THANK GOD FOR PAPER THAT DOESN’T CLOG!! Does she really need that much paper?

But Charmin is not my first choice because of longevity. It is my first choice for anti-clogability (See picture above for better understanding). Charmin toilet paper has a CLOG-FREE guarantee, so even with 19 kids my plumbing will be smooth sailing! Charmin is backed behind Roto-Rooter, America’s largest plumbing & drain service provider, as the only toilet paper with septic safe with a CLOG-FREE guarantee~ and they recommend Charmin above all else! Charmin= Expert’s choice which = PARENT’S CHOICE! 

Check out my little video on how to make your bathroom……. party ready for  little ones! 


What are your Summer entertaining plans? How are you getting ready?



I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All content and thoughts are my own.


The World is meant to be Discovered- Let Discover It Miles Card get you there! #DiscoveritMiles #travel

discover miles card, airline miles,

      Life is to be remembered by the moments…….the moments we explored, embraced, and discovered. As a mother, I love to watch my children discover this beautiful world from their first discovery that they have 10 little toes to the time they discovered real dinosaur footprints in Texas. It is those moments of discovery that shape our lives………..and I intend to embrace every moment of their discoveries and of course encourage them through frequent travel experiences. 

We love #familytravel, and rarely travel anywhere without the entire brood. We have been up and down the U.S. learning, growing, and discovering.

family travel, maine, Discover it miles card

Fort Popham, Maine.

discover miles card, family travel, dinosaur valley state park

Dinosaur Valley State park, Texas

Our travel has been limited to stateside only, as airfare can be rather expensive especially for a family of 6. I have my ♥ set on a family trip to Mexico, and driving is clearly out of the picture. At the rate we are going for saving for a trip like this…….we would be looking at YEARS down the road. Luckily……….. I have a plan to get me there with the Discover it Miles card

discover it miles card, mexico travel

The Discover it Miles card is the perfect credit card for families like ours that desire to go bigger with their next vacation! By using my Discover it miles card for my daily expenses, I will be earning 1.5 miles for every dollar spent! There is no annual fee to worry about and my miles NEVER expire. Maybe it will take years……but at least my miles earned will still be there! 

* There are NO black out dates. Fly anytime, anywhere, and any airline.

* Cash in your miles for travel expenses like flights, hotels, or car rentals

*You can even trade in your miles for CASH! 

* They are giving out FREE inflight WIFI- $30 credit per year

Best part………Discover it Miles card will double the miles I earn in the first year and they are limiting me either! That will be a happy credit card anniversary to me.When I finally get to travel outside the U.S, I can still use my Discover it Miles card to earn more travel miles while I am traveling and I will NEVER pay a foreign transaction fee! It feels great knowing that my spending will go towards my passion! 

What are your Summer plans?

Check out Discover it Miles card to see where your card can take you! I would love to hear where you would go with your miles! 

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P&G Free & Gentle Products Are Your #SecondSkincare #AD #IC

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Tide laundry detergent

I can’t believe how much laundry a family of 5 creates. Pajama’s, day-time outfits, work clothes, and more! It never stops! As soon as I think I am all caught up on the laundry, another pile appears out of the blue. I stand there looking at it, thinking “This wasn’t here a second ago…” but I know it’s futile. It’s easier to just do the laundry than to wonder where it all came from. 

On top of the loads and loads of laundry, there is the people behind the laundry to think about. I want the products I use on my little girl’s clothes to have as little in them as possible. Did you know that nearly half of all U.S. adults report having sensitive skin? That’s a lot of people! When you add in the fact that 87% of detergent customers use a scented fabric softener/dryer sheet, adults in the US are suffering from irritation caused by the harsh ingredients in their detergents.

Thankfully, there is P&G Free & Gentle! Free & Gentle is a line of dye and perfume free, hypoallergenic laundry products that are dermatologist recommended. And because it is so important to make sure all your detergent products are perfume and dye free, Free & Gentle has a full line of products; detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.

I have been using Tide Free & Gentle detergent for as long as I can remember and I love it! I love that it is dye and perfume free as we have a dye and perfume free house. Keeping those chemicals out of our house is a commitment I made years ago to ensure optimal health for my girls. I love that I have the option of a laundry detergent that not only aligns with my goals, but also actually cleans all the messes my girls get into on a daily basis! It’s so awesome that I don’t have to put things through the washer more than once because it comes out clean the first time! 

dye and perfume free detergent

Because we don’t have curbside recycling {and this winter it was sub-zero for weeks on end} I still have all my empty Tide Free & Gentle detergent bottles from this winter! Proof that I love this stuff is just siting on top of my dryer. 

Next time you’re shopping, make sure you check out the P&G Free & Gentle line of laundry detergents. They’re all available wherever you buy your current laundry products! 


First Response Pregnancy Tests and *5 Things To Do Immediately When You Find Out You’re Pregnant* #ad #IC

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Am I pregnant? I mean, I could be pregnant. No, I’m not pregnant. I’m not. Am I?

Thinking you could be pregnant is one of the most awesome, yet nerve-wracking times in your life. It takes over your every thought and makes it hard to function until you know for sure. It’s a shame we can’t find out right. now.

The good news is that at-home pregnancy tests have gotten more and more sensitive. We no longer have to wait until after we missed our period to get a positive test and know for sure. That’s such good news because I am NOT that patient.

first response pregnancy tests

I can’t believe how far pregnancy tests have since my first pregnancy, just over 12 years ago. Then, you might get a positive a day before your period was due but you probably wouldn’t. You had to wait until the day you missed, or even a day after. When I was pregnant the second time, almost 7 years ago, you could get a positive 2 or so days before your missed period. NOW, with my 3rd baby, well, actually my 4th because the first was twins, {yeah, I spaced them out!} and First Response Pregnancy Tests, you can tell up to a full week before your missed period! I LOVE IT! Now, we can know sooner so we can make better decisions.


First Response is now designed better, too! I remember when pregnancy tests were straight sticks that you stuck in your pee stream the best you could. Now, First Response has a cutting-edge curved shape that fits in your hand better. The new shape is enhanced by a 50% wider tip and longer handle, too. It’s so perfect! First Response Pregnancy Tests are FDA Approved and designed to detect all relevant forms of hCG.

5 things to do immediately when you find out you're pregnant

And, if you get those amazing double lines, here are things you should do immediately

  1. quit smoking~ if you smoke, you need to quit immediately. It’s hard, sure, but it’s not the hardest thing you’ll do as a parent! According to WebMD, smoking while pregnant can lead to miscarriage and premature birth, lower oxygen available to your baby, increases rick of birth defect and more. So, put the pack away for good!
  2. find a doctor~ you’re going to want to start researching OB/GYN doctors in your area immediately. Pregnancy.About says that some doctors want to see you immediately while others will wait until you’re 8-10 weeks along. Either way, do your research and call for an appointment as soon as you can. 
  3. cut back on caffeine~ when I was pregnant with the twins 12 years ago, my doctor didn’t talk to me much about caffeine. With this baby however, I was told to cut it back to one serving of 150mg a day. Newest research has linked excessive caffeine intake to increased risks of miscarriage in the first trimester. Talk to your doctor to determine what is best for you and baby. 
  4. research pregnancy nutritional needs~ research your pregnancy nutritional needs and take your findings to your first appointment. Did you know that it is generally recommended that you get between 75-100 grams of protein a day? Be prepared to talk to your doctor about what you should be eating!
  5. CELEBRATE!!~ no matter the circumstances behind your pregnancy, a new life is a great thing to celebrate! Your body is doing an amazing thing and you should celebrate that! Buy yourself a new book, outfit, or go on a fun weekend. The next 40 weeks are going to be an amazing time of change and growth and you won’t be the same person at the end of it! Now, that’s something to celebrate! 



Oral-B PRO Series Toothbrushes are the PERFECT Gift this #FathersDay #OralB

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For some reason, Dad is always last. Last to get to the doctor, last to the dentist, last for everything. The kids and I go regularly, but he never seems to make it as often as he should. That’s why it’s so important to me that he have a great toothbrush for those long periods between cleanings. I mean, if you can’t commit to getting to the dentist 2X a year, you need to at least make sure you’re doing the best you can in between, right?

oral-b pro

That’s why this Father’s Day, I made sure the Dad in our house got an Oral-B PRO 5000 Smart Series Toothbrush by Braun. Oral-B not only has the reputation of being the #1 Oral Care Product used by dentists in the world, they have revolutionized the industry once again with the PRO 5000, an electric toothbrush with a little bit more. As soon as I took it out of the box, I knew this was the latest and greatest, and that it was just what my hubby needed. 

The PRO 5000 had 5 Features that make it perfect for all Fathers:

  • Daily Clean Plus Triple Pressure Sensor~ not only does an indicator on the brush light up when you’re pushing too hard, it stops the brush so you don’t harm your teeth.
  • Gum Care~ brushing pressure control, massage mode. My husband LOVES this feature most! He says it feels like a massage on your gums.
  • Sensitive mode
  • Whitening~ tooth surface polishing mode
  • Deep Clean~ deep clean mode

As you can see, everything you need for optimal tooth care is in this one brush. It’s the only brush you’ll ever need!

oral-b pro series 5000

And when I say “the only,” I mean the only, because not only does it help you to brush your teeth like you should, it keeps track of your brushing and habits. How does it do that? Well, the Oral-B PRO Series Brushes are Bluetooth capable! When you download the Oral-B App from the Apple Store or Google Play, and connect your phone to your brush via Bluetooth, you can keep track of, and chart all your brushing habits! This is a GREAT feature because you can look back and make sure you’re brushing the best you can brush. You can also share it with your dentist so she can get a better view of your how you brush. The Oral-B App:

  • offers a guide and timer for a better brush
  • weekly and monthly tracker to monitor brushing habits
  • categorize brushing modes according to needs and preferences
  • real-time guidance while you brush


Some other great features include:

  • compatible with many different Oral-B brush heads; Floss Action, Pro White, Sensitive Gum Care, and Deep Sweep
  • rechargeable and includes a charging station with storage for extra brush heads and a travel case
  • the brush head is 3D~ it oscillates, rotates, and pulsates 

As you can see, the Oral-B PRO Series 5000 is a great Father’s Day gift! And if you hurry, you can save $20-$30 on every brush in the PRO Series! Check out the coupons on the Oral-B site


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Oral-B. We were also provided with the toothbrush mentioned and we have provided our honest opinion. Thank you to the sponsoring company for working with HGF. You can view our complete PR policies. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.


Pinspired: Easy Bathtub Toy Organizer $11 project

All Moms have a BAZILLION Pinterest boards, and we have every intention of completing them all. Truth:  I don’t think I have done one single Pinterest project since Pinterest came out. I am making a plan to actually complete some of them! Here is an easy one I have seen pinned a million times~ why oh why didn’t I do it sooner! 

My tub has tons of bath toys, and the suction cup toy organizers never work for me! I picked up a $5 rod, $1 pack of curtain rings(not dollar store kind as they don’t click well), and 5 baskets from Dollar store. The baskets I picked up are medium sized and pretty heavy duty plastic for Dollar Tree quality. VOILA: Easy bathtub organizer! 

toy organization, bathroom organization, bathtub organization, bathtub organizer

The rod just attaches maybe an inch off the wall, hook your baskets and DONE!! Our shower rings are REALLY tough to open soo the little ones can’t disassemble it.  The kids have done REALLY well at picking up the toys and BONUS the girls like to use the baskets for play while in the bath. Instacrib for Lalaloopsy.  

Summertime sweet with a Feltman Brothers Cardigan

Feltman Brothers

Sugar and spice, and everything nice…..that’s what little girls are made of. My girls are always in dresses, desiring all things pink and sweet.  Nothing pairs better with a beautiful smocked dress than a little cardigan on Sunday morning. Feltman Brothers has been providing beautiful hand crafted, classic style clothing for children since 1916. Their clothing stands out with it’s traditional style and beautifully created hand touches such as smocking, embroidery, and  pintucks. As a child, my Grandmother would always bring me a Feltman Brothers piece when she came to see me. Many of them I still own and have passed down to my children. They are timeless pieces that perfectly capture the beauty and softness of children. 

I knew my daughter would love a Crocheted Flowers Cardigan from Feltman Brothers. Her face gives it away! 

cardigan, childrens apparel

This adorable little sweater has sooo many adorable details. Flower buttons, crocheted scalloped edge, and little flowers crocheted on the front make this sweater a perfect Spring and Summer piece. 

kids clothes

The Feltman Brothers crocheted flowers cardigan is available in pink or white, from 3 months to 4T. There was no question though that she would only want pink. It’s a pink only stage. 

kids cardigan

It’s sweet just like her. I will do anything to keep her sweet for as many years as I can. Feltman Brothers has a great collection of baby girl dresses too with that beautiful smocking { Insert SIGH here}. These are great for Christenings, Birthdays, Sunday Church, or a photo shoot. 

Do you have an heirloom piece you have passed down to your children?

Stop by Feltman Brothers to check out these beautiful hand crafted outfits, but be prepared to ohhhhh and ahhhhh. 

Disclaimer: I received the sweater above in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts are my own. Please refer to our PR policies for more information. 


The Magic School Bus Science Kits~ Perfect for Summer Education!

We received the The Young Scientist’s Club The Magic School Bus Science Club Science kits to facilitate this review.


We love Science boxes in this house! My girls are definitely hands-on learners so Science textbooks don’t do much for them. *cue groans* But when I bring out an activity box, they’re all about it!

science kit

The Young Scientist’s Club The Magic School Bus Science Club kits are SO great! Each kit comes with an Educator Guide that explains each Experiment in detail. Everything you need is listed out at the beginning of each experiment~ BUT I do recommend reading all of them before you start the first. We receive the “Growing Crazy Crystals” kit and I was surprised to find that I needed to buy two things that I had never heard of; alum, and Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing. Now, we live in the country and these things aren’t easy to come by so I am going to need to order them. Until then, we can do the other experiments, though. 

science kits

Even though there are a few things you need to buy, almost everything you need is included! The “Growing Crazy Crystals” Science Kit included:

  • charcoal
  • labeling stickers
  • magnifying glass
  • petri dishes
  • pipette
  • tweezers
  • pipe cleaner
  • and more

My absolute favorite thing about these Science Kits is that it includes all the info I need. I mean, let’s be honest, it has been a long time since I’ve taken Elementary Science and I didn’t need many of these types of Science classes in college. I’m not 100% sure what a crystal is anymore… I mean, I know one when I see it but I’m not familiar with exactly what they are and how they form. Well, there is no need for me to scour the internet for information because the educator’s guide has all the info I need! {They’re solid molecules that create a repeating pattern, in case you’re wondering.}

magic school bus science kits

I also love that each Experiment is progressive, meaning they build on the previous one. For example, Experiment #1 is just looking at sugar and salt and seeing the existing crystals. The nest one is freezing water and then looking at the resulting crystals. After that, you boil sugar and water and look at those crystals, see where I am going? Each Experiment gets slightly more involved and builds off the last. I love this as it gives my girls easy information and then gets a little harder. This builds on previous knowledge and shows progression.

These Science Kits are great for the summer! Buy a few to keep the kids in “learning mode” between the pool parties and sleep-overs. In fact, grab a few boxes for when you have extra kids. It’s a great way to keep them entertained, and quiet!


BUY IT: Each The Magic School Bus Science Kit is available on The Young Scientists Club site for $20. They also offer other Science Kits like Clifford The Big Red Dog {see Melissa’s review of the Clifford Science Kits} and others. If you want to continue the fun, you can sign up for a monthly subscription for $20/mo, including shipping!


HGF was not paid for this post. We were provided with the Science kits mentioned and we have provided our honest opinion. Thank you to the sponsoring company for working with HGF. You can view our complete PR policies. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.




Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes* 10 Summer Rescues with Huggies Wipes #TripleClean

Huggies wipes, baby wipes

Summer is in full swing! As a busy Mom of 4 little ones, I rely on certain products for mere survival. Whoever told you parenting doesn’t require survival skills….is a liar. Summertime brings tons of great outdoor adventures, and you know we are all for family travel! The best thing is to be completely prepared. Beyond your norm of a great sunblock, perfect beach bag, and UV kids clothing……..Huggies wipes are a must have for Summertime! 

Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not messes* Huggies wipes are a staple in our home. Their triple clean technology make them tough enough to stand up to any Summertime mess and for any member of the family….not just the baby! Huggies Wipes at Walmart  are readily available in tons of fun, convenient package like the clutch featured above! I ♥ the clutch as it hooks to everything including my car, stroller, and beach bag!

Check out my list of “10 Summer Rescues with Huggies Wipes” ! 


Huggies Wipes, Summer messes

Summertime means LOADS of icey treats that are sooooo messy! Huggies Wipes at Walmart are great for little faces and hands. Let them eat their ice cream, and you can just wipe them up after! 

2. Messy Cars from Roadtrips

Huggies Wipes are perfect for wiping up the car at pitstops on your Summer roadtrip! Even though I swore for years that my kids would NEVER eat in the car….it’s seriously impossible. We are too busy for that rule. Soo, I embrace the mess  with Huggies Wipes. My clutch hangs perfectly on the back of the seat and the kids can easily grab one wipe and wipe the seat and door down!


3. Beach Days

Huggies Wipes at walmart

Sand and Summer go hand in hand…..and in our case hands, feet, ears, and head too! Pull out a Huggies Wipe to brush off those sandy feet before they get in the car. Because even though you rinsed them off, you are guaranteed to have more between those little toes! 

4. Picnic Table wipe off

Enjoy your outdoor lunches on a clean table! I always use my Huggies Wipes to wipe down the picnic table at the park before setting the kids lunch out! I LOVE not having to carry multiple wipes! Huggies Wipes can be used for everything! 101: HUGGIES® Wipes, the ONLY wipes with TripleClean* layers. Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes.* #tripleclean

5. Toy clean up

Huggies Wipes at Walmart

Huggies Wipes are perfect for wiping off their dirty toys that just came in. And because Huggies Wipes are safe for hands and faces, kids can wipe down their own toys! My kids love to clean up sooo this would double as playtime to my littles!  Playtime can be a dirty job. HUGGIES® Wipes. Keep the play. Not the dirty.

6. Safe Space for Babies

We love to hit the museums in the Summer, in attempts to beat the Summer heat! Huggies wipes are perfect to wipe down the toddler play area, toys destined for teething mouths, and maybe a little floor action if your as neurotic as me 😉

7. Fun in the Elements

Huggies wipes at walmart

Summertime means rolling in the grass or playing in the dirt. It’s Summer……stay outside! Huggies wipes are great for little hands and little feet after wrestling siblings in the grass. Or maybe pud pies made with tons of love from a 3 year old. 

8. Stroller Wipe down

I can not even begin to tell you how many times my toddler has managed to totally destroy the stroller in just a few hours. Hitting Disney World this Summer……..Hang your Huggies wipes clutch on the stroller and give the stroller a wipe down when things get sticky. Give your baby the wipe and your guaranteed at least a few minutes of distraction while you wait in those long Disney lines! 

9. Adventures

huggies wipes

Because you never know what they will ant to bring home…..Apple snail shells anyone? Explorers: Don’t let a little mess get in the way of a lot of fun! HUGGIES® Wipes helps ALL explorers stay in the adventure. #bestfriend Explore on little man! 

10. Sticky Situations

Summer means theme parks with roller coaster rides (think ice cream vomit), sweet treats and festivals, and yummy BBQ dinners. Summer means you never know what sticky situation you will find yourself in. Be prepared and never leave home with your pack of Huggies Wipes. Enjoy your Summer and embrace all the moments. You only get 18 Summers with your kid as a kid. Time flies. 

Check out 101 Uses for Huggies Wipes at, to be inspired! Then while your there……order a dozen packs of Huggies wipes at Walmart because your Summer is destined to not only be PERFECT but also quite messy. Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes*


The i-Mat My Animal World & Voice Pen for Educational and Quiet Play

I LOVE when I buy educational products for the little one and it turns out that my older girls can use, too. I mean, more bang for my buck, right? Imagine how surprised I was when we received the i-Mat My Animal World & Voice Pen by Creative Baby and realized that it wasn’t just perfect for Emory, who’s 6, but also beneficial for the twins, who are 11. my animal worldThe i-Mat My Animal World Mat is a full colored, 4 piece, soft, interactive mat with vibrant colors that depicts animals from all over the world. All the animals are labeled, starting the process of young toddlers connecting words with pictures, a great start to reading! 

i-mat my animal world

But there is so much more to the i-Mat than it being just a pretty animal mat. When you pair it with the Voice Pen, it turns into a totally interactive educational experience! When you touch the Voice Pen to the i-Mat, it talks and plays songs.


One thing I absolutely love about the i-Mat and Voice Pen is that you can use it in 3 different languages, English, Spanish, and Chinese. All three of my girls are obsessed with different languages so they LOVE this option. It is very common for me to hear “cerdo” or “delfin” while I’m making dinner. I absolutely love that this single mat and pen can expose my girls to languages they wouldn’t normally hear.  

i-mat voice pen

I have to tell you, I am SO in love with the fact that this is a quiet activity, too. My 6 year old, whew! She is on 100% of the time; always running around, yelling, jumping, flipping… When I just need a few minutes of peace so I can concentrate I tell her “How about we play with the mat!” What a relief to have her quiet for more than 10 seconds at a time! Plus, since it’s not the TV or her tablet, I don’t have to feel guilty about “screen time.” She’s learning, building important connections in her brain that will last her a lifetime. 

The Voice Pen does more than just name the animals, it has a few games, too. Emory’s favorite game is when it makes an animal sound and you have to find the right animal. The one with the pig sound always makes her laugh hysterically. The Voice Pen also features:

  • 3 Languages in English, Spanish, and Chinese
  • Basic and Advanced Games
  • Real Animal Sounds and Music
  • Teaches Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Voice recorder to Capture the Special Moments

i-Mat also has Alphabet and Under The Sea Mats so you can keep the learning going. Each of these Mats can be connected so you can make one big learning area. Another great feature is that you don’t have to “reprogram” the pen for each different Mat so your child can jump from one to another~ without needing to come to you every few minutes. Boy, what an amazing feature! I love when kids can play independently and not need my intervention every 10 seconds. The i-Mats are great for independent, quiet play. 

BUY IT: You can buy the i-Mat My Animal May & Voice Pen in a bundle through the Creative Baby site for $80.

vegetable stickers

And don’t forget to grab a pack of the interactive stickers, too! We got the Vegetable Pack and love it! They’re so cute! I love seeing Emory stick them all over and then go back around with her pen and talk to her stickers while they talk to her. So sweet!

Enjoy the tactile thrill of placing sticker on almost any smooth surface and remove them easily to reuse again and again. This accordion shaped book boasts 10 yummy vegetables for kids to ponder. Carrot, Onion, Corn and Mushroom are spelled out in English letters at the bottom of their page. Use the Voice Pen to touch the light bulb or star symbol and get rewarded with a word spoken in one of three languages!


HGF was not paid for this post. We were provided with the i-Mat My Animal World & Voice Pen as mentioned and we have provided our honest opinion. Thank you to the sponsoring company for working with HGF. You can view our complete PR policies. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.