Baby Boy & Girl Nursery Ideas (hacks) In 2019

Many of you have seen the somewhat recent wave of Home Hacks that have swept the nation.  You may have seen it on home improvement commercials, you may have seen Hack My Life on tv, or perhaps the huge movement of IKEA Furniture Hacks all over Pinterest.  You can find a hack for just about anything and my mission for this post was to find nursery hacks that will rock your world.

And for those of you who may not even know what hacks are, the Urban Dictionary defines “Hacks” as a clever solution to a tricky problem.  Clever is the main idea here.  The problem doesn’t necessarily have to be tricky, but the criteria does warrant cleverness in the solution.

So without further ado, below are some pretty awesome nursery hacks you will love:

8 Baby Boy & Girl Nursery Ideas

1. Crib in Bottom Bunk

This idea from Apartment Therapy is both brilliant and stylish.  If your baby will be sharing the room with a sibling, swap out the bottom bed with the crib.  You of course will need to take measurements to make sure the crib will fit within the bottom bed frame.

2. Cloud Shelves

I like the simple idea of adding cloud decals above white shelves.  It’s both functional and adds a creative touch to how your stuffed animals or dolls are displayed.  Super cheap and easy.

3. Dutch Door for Nursery

Love, love, love the idea of installing Dutch Doors for the nursery room.  It’s fun, unique, and allows you to keep on eye on your child or kids without baby gates.

4. Babylettto Origami Crib

This is more practical than it is an actual hack, but if you’re looking to save room, portability throughout the house and on the go, get one of these babies.  You’ll love the way it folds up, hence the name Origami Crib…

5. Crib in Closet

If you have a small and wide closet, try removing the doors and fit the crib inside.  Putting the crib in the closet will sort of look like an alcove, but you will still need to find room for storage.  I’m sure there are plenty of storage hacks you can try.

6. Crib as Cosleeper

Now there’s an idea.  Turn your crib into a daybed by removing the front panel and use your crib as a cosleeper.  Hopefully the mattress can be set at the same level as your bed.  It would also help if you secured the crib/daybed to your bed somehow.

7. Laundry Basket Organizations

This is a laundry hack, but could easily be used as a nursery hack as well.  Get “S” hooks and hang rubber laundry baskets on them.  Hang baby socks, mittens, toys, etc.

8. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

One of my favorites.  You’ll probably get lots of cuddly, stuffed toys for the new baby.  And in about a year, you will have a stuffed animal nightmare on your hands.  Use a bean back cover to store them.  Little kids can still actually sit on them.

stuffed animal bean bag chair

New mothers can never get enough clever solutions to make their life easier.  So stay tuned for my next round of nursery hacks and brace yourself for more clever ideas for the nursery.