Creative Crib Placement Solutions (Expert Mommy Advice) 2019

Making room for a new nursery can be like finding space in a Jenga puzzle.  Your space options are undoubtedly limited, but you need to squeeze the crib piece in somewhere.  So the big question is, where do you put the baby crib?

Finding the perfect place for the crib is much more than just square footage.  You need a location that is functional, convenient and doesn’t take up much space.  Here are some ideas to consider:

5 Creative Crib Placement Solutions

1. Smaller Crib

If you are working with limited space, try try try a miniature/portable crib.  Babies like snug spaces and don’t need much room until they start crawling, and even then don’t need a lot of space to sleep in.  Portable cribs often fold up or have wheels so they are easy to transport.  Even moving the crib from room to room gives mom the freedom to move around the house and keep a close eye on baby.

2. Cosleeper

Attach a cosleeper to the end of your bed and keep baby close at night.  Although not ideal of you’re trying to get sleep, it’s good for moms that are still recovering and can’t get out of bed easily.  Baby may sleep better close to mom as well.

3. Closet/Nook/Alcove

These are areas in the bedroom that are worth a try.  You can remove the doors from a double closet; or, if you have a nook or alcove, by all means use it!  A divider or  sheer curtains would be a nice touch.

4. Corners are your friend

Don’t be afraid to use the corners of the bedroom for crib placement.  Corners are useful space and are not utilized enough.

5. Kids Room

Do you already have a kids room occupied?  Try putting in a bunk bed and clearing out the bottom bunk for the crib.  But make sure the bunk bed is extra secure.