How To Disinfect Baby Toys Safely & Furniture In 2019

baby toy

Flu season is upon us which may make you want to keep baby quarantined for the next several months.  Unless you and baby intend to escape to a deserted island, it’s hard to keep away the flu bug.  

How To Sanitize Baby Toys

Some say it’s inevitable.  But what you can do is disinfect your baby furniture and baby items to help minimize the risk of airborne bacteria.

Plastic Toys

Disinfecting wipes or damp cloth with mild detergent.

Stuffed Animals

Wash on gentle cycle or place in resealable plastic bag and put in freezer for 2 days.  Then let 

Bath Toys

Place in a bucket of water with a teaspoon of bleach. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

Plastic Toys

Wipe with damp cloth with mild dishwashing liquid.

How To Clean Crib Mattress

Wipe down mattress cover with a clean, damp cloth with dishwashing liquid (I like Dawn).  Dry with clean cloth. Vacuum both sides of the mattress to ensure there is no debris or dust remaining.  I would use the brush attachment.

How To Clean Baby Bedding

Wash crib mattress sheets, blankets, etc. with fragrance free detergent.  Do not use fabric softener or drying sheets.  Baby’s skin can be sensitive.

How To Clean the Crib

Completely wipe down crib railings, slats, legs and frame with disinfecting wipes or damp cloth with mild dishwashing liquid.  Be sure to wipe dry with clean cloth.

How To Clean the Changing Table

Remove padded topper.  If made of vinyl, wipe with disinfecting wipes or damp cloth with mild dishwashing detergent.  If it’s a cloth padded topper, throw in washing machine with mild detergent. Be sure to also wipe down changing table and all changing items.

Final Thoughts

The best way to fight a cold is to fight back.  But taking precautions to provide a clean, germ-free environment for baby absolutely helps!  Disinfect what your baby comes in contact with the most: baby furniture, crib mattress and baby toys.